Maximum slope for a clay paver walkway.

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by MGH-PA, Jun 1, 2009.

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    The home we just purchased has a series of paver "landings" leading down to the lower patio that were to serve as steps. They were all made different sizes, and they're extremely awkward to walk up (not to mention the framing has heaved and kicked out). I was thinking of fixing this one of two ways.

    First, I was going to rip it all out, and just put a sloping walkway with the pavers, but I'm worried about it being to steep of a slope for just a constant run of pavers.

    My second option would be to purchase retaining wall blocks, and frame in stairs that would be EQUAL in nice, and use the brick pavers as the treads.

    The second option is more costly, since the first one is basically free, but what degree of slope can you effectively have with pavers, or any walkway for that matter?

    I have the pavers out, and I will rip the framing out today. Anyways, I ran a string level from top grade to the bottom, and I have a 28' run with a 34" rise across this span. It works out to be roughly a 10% grade. Too steep or no for a walkway?

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