May sell a portion of my business.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ODwyerPW, Feb 1, 2007.

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    I am downsizing my business substantially. Sold more than half of my lawncare business in 06, I'll sell what's left in 07. I'll be taking a break from lawncare in the NorthEast, focusing on Landscaping in the SouthWest instead.

    Here is what I am considering:

    05 14' Enclosed Trailer.
    04 Ferris 48" Z-Turn with Turbo Vac
    05 Sutech 33" Walkbehind with Grass Gobbler
    2 05 Husqvarna Weedwackers, 1 with an edger, tree trimmer, & hedge trimmer attatchmets.
    1 05 Husqvarna Backpack Blower
    1 04 Lesco Spreader
    a few shovels, a wheel barrow, other hand tools.

    1 large HOA with 50+ homes. lawn mowing, fert, A crew of 4 gets it done in one long day. 2 guys less than 2. Under contract for $55k.

    1 large appartment complex. cleanups, lawn mowing, edging, trimming of shrubs. A crew of 3 gets it done in one log day. 2 guys a day and a half. Under contract for $46K.

    1 large HOA, commom areas only. cleanups, lawn mowing, little trimming, 2 guys get it down in just over 4 hours. Under contract for $13K

    16 or so smaller commercial and residential accounts, good faith customers (no contract) valued at $20K.

    Here's what I want:

    1. You buy out one of my business (name and signed accounts plus the good will stuff) for $25K.

    2. You purchase my 05 Ford F350 XL with 20K miles that I use for these accounts (this truck does not plow in the sits). Includes an EZ Dumper Bed Insert. I owe about $26K, so that's what you'd pay me for it.

    3. Done. I'll sign a no compete clause for 3 years.

    Albany New York area. Serious inquiries only from established individuals. Will not pass these customers on to new guys. This is basically turn key for an operation that wants to add another crew or augment an exisiting crew. Will be looking to complete to do this transaction between March 1 and March 15.

    Email at:
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    Would like to modify the post above, but time has expired. So I'll state the following.

    The HOA that appeard above will not be part of the deal. However, two more apartment complexes (that are much easier than this HOA was anyway) will be added that total $65000.

    No lawn fertilisation or pesticide treatments necessary for any of this work. Only weed spraying along curbs and such.

    So, basically handing over $120k in signed contracted work and another $20k in good faith for a total of $25K and assumption of a loan for the F350 (about $26k--you have to buy the truck).

    Oh yeah, you also have all of the equipment necessary to do this work, per the post above.

    Serious inquiries only.
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    why are you advertising this looking for established companies in the starting a business thread, also, if you want an established company, do you really think they will want your whole rig when they probly just need more accounts and dont need the extra equiptment? just $.02
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    yeh your in the wrong thread. i think you will get alot more responses in commercial mowing, or the for sale thread. good luck!

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