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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by afftandem, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. afftandem

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    Has anyone considered running an ad in the paper (or have ran) similar to this:

    Large Acerage Mow
    Will mow 15+ open acerage lots
    in the (City) area for $XX/ acre
    w/ light trimming. Call 555-5555.
    Fully insured

    Seems like a good ad, and if it just pulled in one, it would be worth it.

    Give your opinions.
  2. Soupy

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    I would run a general ad for lawn maintenance and include something like no job to small or large. Anything, but get your ad to target more then one group. How many 15+ acre lots do you have in the city area? I have also been taught that you are never fully insured. My agent told me to never advertise this because there is always loop holes (even being sued for 2mil and only having 1mil coverage would say that you are not fully insured) and you don't want to make statements that are not true. It could just add to a law suit. Simply putting "insured" should be enough.

    That is a lot of acres for a 52" mower.
  3. afftandem

    afftandem LawnSite Member
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    Good pnt on the "fully insured"

    would run general ad also.... but if future client was specifically searching paper for a large acerage lot.. I believe you would stand out....

    Also, where im at, Im goin to be advertising just in my town. Flyers and the local weekly paper...... but for the greater city area, I considered placing this ad for the large circulated daily paper. Wouldnt travel entire area for general mows.. but would target entire region for large acerage mows.

    Goal would be to pull in some larger clients (full day jobs// 1/2 day jobs), hopefully 20+ acres.

    Not too many (if any) in my neighborhood, so would have to target advertise through entire region to find them..... I believe this ad is more targeting than a general ad. Understand also, Im new with no yellow page ad. Will have to be creative to stand out, and find good customers.
  4. Soupy

    Soupy LawnSite Gold Member
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    Yea, the bad thing about adds (other then flyers and other direct advertising) is the fact that you will get calls outside your service area. I only service a very small portion of the paper circulation here. I had to stop advertising because of the fact I was getting lots of calls but not from my area.

    Another thing I learned about the paper. Potential customers call everyone in the paper (we are listed under lawn maintenance here). Lets say that everyone is asking about the same price. Maybe the first 3 said $25 and one guy said $30, then the 5th guy estimates $25. By then the customer has heard enough and hires the 5th guy. The first guy loses out and he was the prompt one. All the other guys that are still do to give an estimate lose out too. My point is, newspaper ads can waste a lot of time, but they do get the phone ringing. You have to be low priced and in the right place at the right time.

    They are a great way to start, or if you really want to get the phone ringing. Once you have established a good business then I would say newspaper are a waste.
  5. afftandem

    afftandem LawnSite Member
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    Right, hence my ad... already placing a price... and if you go and its not open acerage (like you place in the ad) then you give another estimate or politely decline the job.... whole idea is to target outside my service area.

    and if client is calling and recieving $25 estimates, and has me at $21 (per ad) I already have the advatage... and if someone comes in and beats it.. then I dont receive a phone call. More power to 'em.
  6. Soupy

    Soupy LawnSite Gold Member
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    Good idea, but it is going to work to ways. Your competition is going to know they need to beat your price already. You know what that does :)? Everything (low cost) is worth a try. Like you said one client will pay for the ad. Your idea will work best if you make sure you are first to respond. You will want to rush your butt to these calls as soon as you get them.
  7. Precision

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    my question is can you make money on large acreage with a 52' mower.

    20 acres @ $21 per acre, (your number) is $400. are you looking at that as a full day or half day. If a full day (including drive time) it certainly isn't worth it. Half day and you run solo, maybe.

    My thought is it puts too much income in one acct. Now you have an entire day shot, especially if it is out of your regular area and if they cancel you have nothing that day.
  8. afftandem

    afftandem LawnSite Member
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    If its open acerage.. yes... if it involves alot of trim and maneuvering, then I'll have to adjust price...Ad specifically states "open acerage" "little trim"... just targeting entire metro area for larger accounts, but wont leave what will be my mow area for small residential jobs. May not get any bites off the ad, but worth the effort.
  9. Reel B

    Reel B LawnSite Member
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    Afftandem- Just an idea......but if you are south of town, try going out Spring Valley rd (E Centerville Rd) toward Waynesville/(rt 42). There are some country estates/mini horse farms that have the acerage your talking about on this road and on several roads off of it. (one of my dream houses is out there). Take a look at the mailboxes and see what paper box is installed under it. I believe most of them used to get the Bellbrook paper. If they still do, that paper would be a great place to put such an advertisment. Lots of $$$ and cleared land out there. Nice Combo.
  10. Reel B

    Reel B LawnSite Member
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    BTW - If you dont get any bites off of an wasn't worth the effort or the $$. :D

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