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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by davidsoncm, Oct 18, 2009.

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    I just bought a home with a large yard 5.75 acres. The home I was in before was was I had about .9 acres. I had my lawn treated by a professional at my other home and loved it. But the cost of 5.75 acres for a professional is going to be to much. He used Lesco pre-m and Three-way on my lawn. I was looking at getting my private applicators license and try to do it myself. The question is would it be cost effective for me to do try to do this myself. They do sell the Pre-m and Three way to Private Applicators don't they? I live in Kentucky.

    I love this site I love my lawn and look forward to your guys feedback.:usflag:
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    For 5+ acres, I would be looking at a tractor or truck mount spray rig. As well as a fertilizer spreader mounted on the same. By the time you add up the costs of this equipment, I would no longer think a professional LCO was expensive. Not to mention, there are some weeds that are hard to kill. A professional would better know how to deal with those weeds and not kill the lawn.
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    you dont need a license as a homeowner. You just cant treat for money. If you have a riding mower you can mount a spreader to it and a use a tow sprayer.
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    Pre-m is usually unnecessary if you put your energy into growing grass rather than preventing weeds.
    Be careful about taking pre-m advice from LCOs that believe pre-m forms some sort of barrier. It is a chemical that needs to be washed into the surface of the soil to be absorbed by germinaing seeds and will eventually wash through the soil and be gone.
    Up here in Wisco we do get by with one app on rotten granite driveways and shrubbery beds, but just barely. You have got to have a couple more months of growing season than we do.

    So if you really need it, you need to apply twice.
  5. grassman177

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    um, that is nice and all, but crabgrass alone here is the only reason a pre em is vital in healthy turf stand. i agree, the healthier the lawn the less you will need pre em though, and in the shade it is not needed at all ever. but that is pretty crappy advice dude.

    for the guy who posted, honestly if you have no expereince with large scale lawns and correct calibration of equipment then dont try, hire a pro for at least the first two apps and one late summer/fall for the pre em and weed control. you can get a cheap spreader and fert the rest of the year on your own to get used to the applications and calibration
  6. ksJoe

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    Look up your local Lesco dealer, and see if they'll sell to homeowners. I'm not a LCO either, and I've been to my local Lesco dealer a couple times. I just wander around around reading chemical labels until his real customers are done, then he's happy to sell to me. The fertilizer prices seem to be 50%-70% less than the big retailers.

    For chemicals I've found better prices for some of them on Ebay when I'm not in a hurry.
  7. Smallaxe

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    This is a homeowner not a squirt and go guy. He has time and attention to give the yard, sees it everyday, can add seed all fall and spring until it takes and establishes. Don't overwater, grow at reasonable hieght when the heat starts and CG should not be an issue.

    Besides, most of the turf grasses have established b4 the pre-m is needed for CG in the spring. The stupidity of the industry spraying months in advance - is not the strategy a homeowner needs to follow. He can actually do it for his own beneit, rather than the benefit of the applicators' wallet.
  8. cturf

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    Things vary from state to state but as the owner of the property you should'nt need a license. Private applicators is for a company doing there own lawn not the owner. turf types vary so be careful on general advise but here's some. Don't forget You can buy granular prem and dont be set on lesco or the prem brand or even that chemical make up there are lots of good preemergence There prices will kill a home owner shop around try local coop or farm storeor even atwoods and tractor supply.
  9. lawnangel1

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    You don't need a license to apply pesticides if you are'nt doing it for money but you do need the license to buy the stuff. No way Lesco will sell you anything without a license. Private app license is easy to get. You just go to the extension office and watch 3 hours of video no test. Where in KY are you? I agree with the other post hire someone to do your Pre M and a broadleaf spray than do a couple fert apps on your own. You can go to Southern States and buy fert no problem.
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  10. cturf

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    three way and prem can be bought online legally in ky If anything like here every farm store for miles sells it to anyone walking in the door.

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