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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by summitgroundskeeping, Jul 7, 2001.

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    a little while ago I went truck shopping. I was looking at a white NEW 2001 Ford F-250 superduty 4X4. It had a Western plow, a/t, manual windows and locks, manual lock outs :blob3: , am/fm, vinal seats, no bed liner or nerf bars, a sliding window, and a 5.4 V-8. I was very interested in it, and it was around $27,000. Now, I was talking to a sales woman about it and she brought up leasing it for 36 months. With a $1,500 down payment + the first months payment up front she said it would be $600 per month:p . I started laughing. Now, is that a fair lease rate or am I just stupid. I pay them $23,700 with in a 3 years duration and then they take away the truck for ever.:confused:
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    What is the balloon payment? What is the interest rate?

    That seems very unfair...
  3. HOMER

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    My lease plan included a guaranteed "buy" price at the end of the lease. The price quoted would be the price I paid for it or either turn it in, lease another, walk away..................of course you have to pay for the over mileage. I'm at 31,000 miles with a little less than 2 years to go on a 36,000 mile lease! Looks like I'll be buying it!

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    Yup, $600 bucks. I was quoted the same price!!!!!!
    They figure a commercially leased truck will come
    back all beat up and in most cases, they do(because
    of employees) A new one can be trusted, but a used
    one-to plow-I dunno. I got really lucky. Found a
    '98 Chevy 2500 4x4 w/meyers poly plow 31000 miles.
    The guy just wanted out of the lease. 1/2 the monthly
    rate of a new one!!! No down payment. Nothing to add.
    You should do a nationwide search on CARS.COM to find
    a personal owner who will let you take over the pay-
    ments. They are out there. So what if you pay $300.00
    to have it shipped. You might save $4,000 a year in

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