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    Tell you the story. Here's my 5 min. of fame. Well actually it's a little long so might take more than one sitting. If it interest you say so and I'll continue.
    Was a nurse for 10 yr, yes, men can be nurses too, burned out though and wanted a change. Had been working the entire summer on a pond and a patio at my home. They turned out beutifull, far better than anything I imagined. Thought to myself, this is alright, bet I could do this for a living. Got some cards and started hitting the pavement and after 3 months landed my 1st job. It was building a decorative fence around a pool and putting tile on a sidewalk. Didn't know how to do either one but said I did and some how figured it out. Now the story gets interesting. I Made $2600 on the job and thought to myself, you know if I just had som advertising I would really take off, so I got a bill board right on the loop around town. Now that thing sat there for 4 months with not a single response untill one day this fellow calls me and says he saw the bill board and had a proposition for me. Seems he was out of the big city and had won the contract for a local Home Depot landscape and irrigation but he didn't actually do these things he just won the contracts and then subbed them out and seeing as I had a bill board I must be the biggest guy in town and could I help him out? Well, I recond I could. Now the job was a $75000 contract and he wanted to know did I do irrigation and could I do dthe hydromulch, erosion controll and so forth. Well of course, I assured him and we made a contract together. Now, being as how I didn't have any idea what he was talking about and I now had a contract I immidiatly started trying to figure out what all this stuff was. I called a local fellow who made mulch and asked him what hydromulch was and he thought his pine bark mulch probably wasn't what they meant cause it probably had something to do with water as there was the prefix "hydro' in there. Anyway, to shorten this part a bit , I did finally figure out what hydromulch was. Found someone to further sub the irrigation to, got a crew together to lay the sod and so forth. Now after I figured out what hydromulch was I further found a hydromulcher and told the guy who hired me if went into partners with me we could make more profit, talked him into buying the machine telling him that was his contribution and I would do the work. Now along this time the original contract for $75000 got added to with change orders and ended up being $205,000 of which now I got half the profit and now owned half a hydromulcher half the business with no out of pocket for myself. Oh by the way, on the job, whoever was supposed to do the gabion mats for erosion controll didn't show either. Superintendent ask me did I know how to do them and would I, well of course I do and will for $13000, he said ok. So I went home and got on the internet so I could figure out what in the world a gabion mat was. I figured it out - we did it. Now, if your interested I'll tell you how all this led to 6 more Home Depots, 2 court house restorations, 11 schools, hundreds of residentials and a plethera of other commercial projects.
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    Can't stop there, you are on a roll...
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    Had my heart racing the whole time :). Risky. Nice story, I'd love to hear more.

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