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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GW Lawncare, Apr 22, 2002.

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    How do you like this one!
    Got a call from a flyer, customer wanted quote. Left the quote for him and he calls day later, says i have the job. Asked if i've heard of a particular company, (which i haven't, only my second year). He said they were 5 bucks cheaper but will go with me. Just being curious i asked what the made the differance for him? He says that he likes me being local (2 miles), and that the guys was talking about giving away his services for referrals. The, correction "My" customer, said, get this, "You can't make a living giving away your work".
    I've heard many of you talk about "underbidders". I've tried starting my biz right, quoting lawns based on per hour. So far it seems to go my way......for now.

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    Sounds like a stand up guy. Hopefully he will still find you some referrals.

    I also bid by the hour, the math is to complicated for me:confused: otherwise.

    Looks like a prime location too.
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    Amen, Never give away services for referals...... Referals will come when you do good work and are timely and professional. You want people hiring you and PAYING you for the work YOU do.
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    I'm sorry, but that's where I'm afraid I would have to disagree. I have my customers do all my sales for me, and I am being flooded with more business. See, it's like this. It's my reSULTS that make the sales. If I go and knock on a door, I can tell them that I'm the best in the world, that I can give them better value for their dollar, and that I am just the nicest guy they'll ever meet, and my work means everything to me, and so on, and so on. BUT, who am I? I am some stranger that they don't know, and have NO idea what I REALLY do, or what my work is REALLY like. On the OTHER hand, when a CUSTOMER is telling a friend about the wonderful service they get, or is telling a relative how much better their lawn looks than everyone elses on the street, (it's even better when the person they're telling just sees it for themselves) who are these new potentials listening to? PEOPLE THEY ALREADY KNOW! Therefore, there is already a credibility there. As well, there is a trust. So, THESE customers stand aLOT better chance of getting a foot in the door than I do to these people. Now, why do these people do this? Incentive. Here's what I do. And this works! I tell each and everyone of my customers that I will give them a 50 dollar bill for every signed season referal that I get from them. For most, it's a free application. (for a 50 dollar application or less) So, essentially, if I have a customer that gets a $45 application, and I get six new accounts from them, their whole season is free! Can I afford to do this? Well, let's see. I use about 15 to 18 dollars of product on a 50 dollar lawn. 15x6= $90. In return, I get 6 jobs x 6 aps. (this is without any extras, i.e. insect control, aeration, etc. that I have access to, also) So, I have 36 aps. @ $32 profit. (low end) That's $1152 for giving away $90 of product. Did I really lose? I am that confident with this program, that if they are not happy, I'll give them their money back...bottom line. I have no problem with that.
    The best thing is, is that it puts me in other areas that other residnts of different neighborhoods can see. Just give me one ap., and the customer notices the difference. Just give me 2 to 3 aps in one area, and the neighbors start noticing the difference. This is how this thing is taking off. Everyday, everyday!!!

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