McClane 20inch Reel mower


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Columbus GA
I recently purchased a used 20 in McClane reel mower and I tried it out for the first time today in my back yard. When I bought the mower I knew that I was going to have to get the reel sharpened, but I think I may have another problem. I was cutting on a very level part of my yard and it seems that the mower cuts to high on the right leaving an unlevel cut. Is this a normal problem with reels? This is my first reel mower so I am kind of a rookie. Any help would be awesome.


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Most likely cutting poor on one side giving it the appearance of cutting crooked. You should be able to measure from the ground to the bedknife to make sure though.


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Another possibility is the previous owner only tightened/adjusted one side of the reel. This causes the reel to wear out more on the tightened side causing it to become shaped like a cone. Find a good shop that knows what they are doing with reels. You will want a new bedknife and have a spin grind and relief cut done to the reel. You will also need to backlap several times a season to keep the reel sharp; Pin Hi makes a very good water based lapping compound--80 grit is good.

You're looking at $200-$300 at the shop for grind, parts and labor. Hopefully it doesn't need a new reel. Ouch! I personally wouldn't put very much money into it because you could get a new one and save the hassle. If you find that you like the reel and want to get a new or good quality used Tru Cut is your best choice. California Trimmer is another good choice. Both start at around $1k up to around $3k.

I have 2, 27" Tru Cut Commercial with Honda GX engines that I use daily. I also have an older Jacobsen greens mower that gets used a couple of times per week.

To me----nothing looks better than short, striped grass cut with a reel.

I saw that you are in Georgia--Zoysia looks awesome at about 1" and Bermuda is sweet at 1/2"--1"; you can overseed in winter with rye.

pm me if you need any info