McDonald's, Dollar General, and Family Dollar

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kleen Kutz, Dec 7, 2012.

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    i do installs on tons of DGs but no maintenance

    all the ones i work on are owned by GBT realty in tenesse (not by choice just geography)

    DG leases stores. DG does not pay me direct, GBT pays, but not direct either.

    I get paid in 60 days if i pray alot, 90 days typically.
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    The 2 local store we did for a couple months were the most pain in the behind we have ever delt with. My dad has been doin this for 30 yrs! We were contacted by a management company that deals with the maintance of the stores. Not sure who u deal with but we had to print of sheets that had PO#'s for that month of service. When we arrived at the local first we had to call a number to inform them we were there to mow. Secondly when were done with the lawn we had to call back that same number and tell them we were done with the lawn. Thrid either the manager or the employee on duty that day had to check the lot to confirm we had mowed and sign the sheet the we had to print off with PO# ect. Each store has its own PO so if u have more the one store you have to do each process for each store! The worst part was the 45 day wait from when the managment company got the billing invoice for the lawn service. I believe it almost hit 2+ months after the billing was sent before we seen any money for the very first billing. If any of u guys decide to take on any dollar generals make sure you compensate yourself for all the extra BS that is not involved with accually mowing the lawn and the 45 day wait for payment. Just a heads up on our experiance with the lawn part of these Dallar generals.
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    Yeah there, you see, that's what I was trying to say, the lot itself is owned by a realtor who subs out the maintenance to these property management companies, who in turn are in charge of the lot... Not the store, the store is separately owned, you need to get with the people in charge of the maintenance of the lot itself...

    Like a house, it sits on a lot, but with a house the homeowner owns the house AND the lot.
    Not so with these commercial places, the owner of the DG / FG / McD's is almost never the lot owner, they might lease the lot but the lot itself belongs to someone else and those people don't want to deal with it either lol

    Which, it gets complicated and there's that BS, takes some getting used to, for sure.

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