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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by squirtgun, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. squirtgun

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    We don't do seal coating so I have don't have a clue,but I'm doing a little recon for a customer and need some advice.

    Think of your local neighborhood McDonalds Restaurant parking lot then tell me what you would charge to edge,seal coat and restripe.There are 8 locations that need to be done(incase volume factors into your pricing).
  2. deapee

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    That depends largely on your location. I know guys that are getting $.14 a sq. foot or $1.25 a sq. yd...I know of guys that go $.08 a sq. foot or $.75 a sq. yd. Some companies include restriping. Normally that'll get you 2 coats too.

    Personally, I won't touch anything for $.75 a sq. yard.


    If you can't price it, know your cost of materials from your sq. footage, know your profit margin, know exactly how much material you need, you should definitely start off smaller. Don't get in over your head, sealcoating is a tight business and guessing profit or cost of materials or materials needed can get you in big trouble very, very quickly. I'd say start off smaller...or call someone else, get a bid, and sub it out.
  3. skeens

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    Hey Scott - Give me a call, you're right down the road from me. I can help you out with this, we are a full time sealcoating company.

    check us out...
    We do free estimates and guarantee our work.

    I just went to your website, I might have a job for you in Ty Ty. I'll be in touch tomorrow.

    -Greg Owens, owner
    Georgia Sealcoating
  4. squirtgun

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    I don't do seal coating.I have a customer that is for lack of better words paying a nice chunk of change and not getting a very good job IMO.Trying to help them out by seeing if what they are paying for teh work is fair.

    I'm always up for more work and networking with other local companies that I can refer work to.
  5. lawncare18

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    its all night work isnt it.. around here most sealing commercial guys do it all during the night usually or a section at a time...

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