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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mezammit, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. mezammit

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    Could someone point me in the direction of who to get in contact with for the lawn contracts of like a fast food chain, drug store, banks (PNC/McDonald's/Walgreen's) etc. I couldn't imagine you just walk into the store and ask for the manager being all the services go through some type of main office. Or even HOA's too. Would I look up a district manager and go from there or what. I was looking to see what is all involved in the process and see if it is even worth it. Thank you for all the input.
    Mike Z
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    For franchises such as fast food its up to the owner or whatever manager the put in charge at each location. Kinda a deal where you just have to know the right folks. On corporate things such as walgreens I'm guessing a district manager hires someone to do all the stores they're responsible for.
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    I knew a guy that was doing about 20 walgreens, they almost put him under by running 90+ days past due, I'm guessing its a good paying job but don't put all your eggs in one basket
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    District Managers/ Area Directors / Area Coach / District Leader - all names i've heard of. You need to get to senior level management for your area. Call the GM and make them feel important then as them who signs the contacts for their area/region.
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    mezammit .....................just PMd you with some info.
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    Start by going to each store. Walk in say Im so and so with xxx company and I am wondering fi you are accepting bids on your property for_________. Its possible someone there makes the decision or can let you know yes or no. Or they can send you in the right direction. Some do it in house some have area managers or what not some just look at you like your an alien. Most take time and lots of calls and chasing the correct person down just to be told NO.
    Also just because on mcdonalds or whatever business has a area manager with 20 locations does not mean they all do some are still independent.
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    I really wish the whole world would get together and make these companies pay in a timely manner. I'm always amazed how companies that take in cash each day are so slow paying and don't get me started on property management companies that get a months up front plus deposit with late fee's and take forever to pay. Their CEO's would be jumping out of buildings if they had to pay up front.
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    In most areas this type of work is almost the equivilant to minimum wage 60 -90 days behind at all times.
    If you really pay attention, you will notice in most areas that its a different crew every year that does these locations.
    There's better, less painful ways to go broke.
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    if you could, please send the info my way as well. i am interested in my area as well.

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