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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by MDLawn, May 20, 2011.

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    Not many have the work ethic these days. I know when I worked for my friend years ago I didn't have the "gotta get it done" factor of owning the business. But I still showed up and worked my tail off. I think in 5 years I called off twice. I couldn't find a better part time gig while in college. Hard work has go by the wayside with most but yet people claim they cant find work. I bet there are a lot of labor companies looking to hire. Sorry it's not white collar work but it is indeed a job. Ok rant done back to pictures and work comments
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  2. MDLawn

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    Defintely not my favorite type of landscape job to do at all. This place was a mess. I pulled out a 7ft tall thistle that had a rootball that was like 4-5inches in diameter and had about 10 stalks, unreal. Was told it got away from them this year. This year? Really? I think the things I dislike about these jobs are that the actual landscape plants are such a mess from the weeds taking over that the final product is rarely as good as a normal landscpe maintenance job. Here are the befores and afters.






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    Everything looks great man nice work! what kind of mower and handhelds do u use? put some pics up of some equipment!
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    Thanks brandoncuts54. Well I only mow 3 lawns currently (moved this year) and not sure that's the direction I want to go again but we'll see. I use a 48 in Exmark Turf Tracer with a Proslide. Use Husqvarna handhelds. Hard to get everything out for just a picture, not to mention I need to clean it all!!! But basically I've posted my truck and dump trailer which is what I use. The rest is just small stuff that I'm not sure really needs to be in a picture, right?? I'd love to pick up a tractor or used skid steer but my workload does NOT permit that yet, but I'm sure I could find work for it.
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    That clean-up looks so much better...Good work man.
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    Thanks lawn man.
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    that looks pretty good considering what you had to start all it needs is some green grass!
  9. MDLawn

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    I purposefully cropped the lawn out of the pictures as much as I could. It too had 1-2ft tall weeds in spots and i most of the cracks in the walk. Surprised they even wanted to pay for the landscaping. Maybe they're turning over a new leaf.
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    Sod lawn installation from yesterday and today. Their lawn was torn up because of a sewer line replacement. Removed old lawn with a sod cutter. The development strip was completed but did not take a final picture. I actually like sod work and it tends to make me a good amount of money for the work. One thing, 130 sod rolls are HEAVY!! My lower back is not happy with me right now. Around here we have the 2' x 5' rolls. Sometimes I wish this place would offer the squares rather than the rolls. Oh well.









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