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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by K c m, Jun 18, 2005.

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    HEllo guys. I am undertaking a business venture here in the next year. I have 10 classes to go until i have my degree in business. As much as my business is doing well here in Philly i am trying to get out of this place. I am deciding on putting money down on a townhouse in elkridge or another nice place outside Baltimore. The business will be run back here in philly and hopefully with some advice on the market down there i can get a job and work part time as an Lco until i get big enought to work full time. So any advice on a nice location outside baltimore would be outstanding.

    thanks rob.
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    The cost of living is much higher down here than in philly. And every body and their brother owns a lawn mower. So the competition is fierce. So trying to break into the market down here is hard. As for a nice area thats cheap. There is none. Town houses start down here around $225,000. $250,00 with a 1 car garage.
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    Arbutus and elkridge are a good choice. Prices for everything down here is sky high but those areas are more affordable. I have cut in arbutus and there are many row homes. The demand for service was good but prices were in the $15 to $20 range. Elkridge is just south of some richer areas that have high dollar homes,Columbia, Ellicott City, Etc. but competition is strong. All the big commercial players are hiring mexicans and even some mid size companies. Baltimore seems to be a good market for demand but startups usually have to deal with the $20-25 a cut crowd. You may want to consider buying an established business and applying your business plan to it .
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    thanks guys. Im planning on using my degree and getting a job first and having a steady income and starting off part time for a yr or so until i break into the market fully. Meanwhile the phila branch will still be producing money for me.

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