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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by me-and-my-mower, May 4, 2005.

  1. me-and-my-mower

    me-and-my-mower LawnSite Member
    Messages: 2

    I need some help bidding a commercial Job. I have always stayed with the residential and just bid them on how bad I want to do them. I have only 20 lawns and want this bid real bad. I am a newbe. I lost my job so I resorted to what I have done when I lost my last job. money was/is good. I want to stay small and If I get this commercial job it would be great.

    How do you bid a commercial job. The "business park" is 6 small office buildings kind like small strip mall type. Pretty nice realestate . Brand new. The sod goes in Monday. I estimate that it will take me about 2-3 hours with my 48 hydro and trimming and clean up. what do I need to take into consideration. I live in kansas city missouri if that helps.

    Thanks for any help you can give me

  2. joeg2246

    joeg2246 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 169

    I am all residential myself, but, would like to get a couple of commercial accoutns myself. I would guess because it is a bidding type process you would have to be pretty close on the bid. Most of my account avg about $40 per hour but I am not sure if you could get that much with the proposal. I am interested in wht you hear from the guys that do alot of commercial stuff. My guess if you say 3 hours would be about $90 per cut. Just a guess though.
  3. Appalachian landscape

    Appalachian landscape LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 453

    Try more like $150-$180 for 3 hours of me on a commercial site.
  4. joeg2246

    joeg2246 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 169

    Can you explain a little about how that is justified? Would you think that to be a good round figure that most commercial guys would use for bidding purposes?
    Thanks for the help!!!
  5. Appalachian landscape

    Appalachian landscape LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 453

    $50- $60 an hour. It's justified by the fact that I won't do it for less, on a commercial at least. A big commercial account doesn't really care about money, as long as it's within reason, it's just another business expense and write off. Once you get past the initial price bartering, if you do a good job, they'll be happy.
  6. walker-talker

    walker-talker LawnSite Platinum Member
    from Midwest
    Messages: 4,771

    Know your cost + your labor + profit = bid price. Know these 3 things on an hourly basis. Once you have this figured out and can estimate how many hours a job will take, then and only then, you can come up with an estimate.
  7. logan

    logan LawnSite Senior Member
    from FL
    Messages: 315

    I usually figure my pricing out to a dollar a minute. Especially with a commercial account because many times they need you to have liability insurance. On my residentials they are billed at a dollar a minute with just me by myself on my 36inch mower. That way when I get a helper or use my 52inch mower, it works out better for me.

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