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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by OGLinc, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Richard Martin

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    Hmm.. You are right. I can challenge the $6.50 an hour cost to operate as being way too high. I'd think half of that would be better.
  2. Lechfla

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    I agree, the 6.50 is high and I was just pointing out how they got to their number.

    I still if you we're to buy this type of mower and other battery operated equipment, you could be a niche lawn company and reach specific consumers that would be willing to pay more for "green" lawncare. Even at $2-5 more per cut, you could offset any additional expenses.
    Also, there would advantages when bidding commercial and municipal jobs, you offer both the company and the city/town/county the ability to say they are environmentally friendly, blah blah.

    Just my opinion
  3. Utah Lawn Care

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    I think it would take a very liberal environment conscious location for anyone to even care. If you know anything about Tesla cars - I think battery powered things are the future. I don't think the price and timing is quite right yet though for mowers. Battery technology increases by 50% every 5 years. It's only a matter of time before the batteries are cheap and it will be a valid product regardless of whether it's green or not.
  4. Jaybrown

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    I think it was $30,000 for a good set up when I looked
  5. BrandonG

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    The one poster was right.

    I had been looking at these the other night, $1400 + $200 shipping, and that doesn't even include the $625 battery and the $200 charger.

    You're looking at $2300 for a mower that will run 2-3 hours before you have to charge it.

    I have been heavily researching electric mowers the last few nights. I wish battery technology was better at the moment....but it is just about not plausible to use battery powered mowers for commercial purposes.

    CleanAirLawnCare does this, but they have those solar panels on their trucks. Not sure how much that even helps.

    I won't be buying into their franchise.

    I have been looking at GreenWorks' products. The GMAX products look ok...but again, I'd need 8 batteries to do 8 lawns, and that's $130 per battery. Good thing is they claim the batteries only take 2 hours to charge. Lithium Ion batteries.
  6. mugget

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    Hey all,

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, just thought I would add my input on this topic. I've been using the Mean Green 20" push mower (MGP-20) going on 3 years now. Yes it is a very expensive piece of equipment to purchase, especially for me when I added on air freight to Australia... *aussieflag*

    My original business plan was to market as 100% electric - which is exactly how I started out. But over time I noticed that people really didn't mind whether I used petrol or electric, in fact all of my enquiries so far have been for general lawn mowing, no one has asked specifically for the 100% electric option yet. But I will also add that no one complains about the virtually non-existent noise level. :D Actually when people do see me working they often stop to comment how amazing it is.

    I use two batteries that easily get me through the busiest days work. I've found the run time to be over 2 hours on regularly maintained lawns. And don't forget that is actual mow time... I just charge the batteries at home during the night and it's all ready to go again the next day. Will eventually add an alternator charger to my vehicle to make life even easier.

    Durability and reliability - not a bad word to say. The only failure has been a small $20 electronic part - Mean Green sent me a replacement right away. And I need not have had any downtime at all because once I received the part I discovered that they sent a spare with the machine anyway. :laugh: The motor did develop a bit of a knocking noise after the blade struck a concrete drain in overgrown grass, but that's all my fault (and interesting side point, I'd hate to think how a petrol engine would have gone in the same situation...) I did replace the motor after that, which only cost around A$300. I have that old motor as a spare now, probably still some more life in it as well.

    Maintenance on all my electric gear - I love it. Thumbs Up There is none. Just manage your batteries correctly and that's it.

    Eventually I had to purchase a TPE petrol mower because I needed a backup and absolutely had to catch clippings on some jobs. Otherwise I have been mulching just about everything on the MGP-20. Using the petrol mower - it's an absolute pig of a thing. I really hate it. Even though it's self-propelled it's still much easier to handle the MGP-20, it's just that much lighter and better balanced. I am in the process of building a side mount catcher for the electric mower, then I will leave the petrol one at home. Next I'm just waiting for an electric blower to replace my Stihl backpack blower as well as a good electric blower/vac then I'm back to electric again, and it won't be a moment too soon.

    Oh, one other great thing - I'm not breathing in exhaust fumes with this electric gear, and I can just press a button & start work without bothering with ear plugs.

    The electric ride-on will be a little while coming in Australia I think... I currently use a Walker MT - not sure a mulch/SD mid-mount ZTR will give the right finish for my clients, but if there was an electric Walker-style ZTR I would just be living the dream!

    Photos time - using side discharge I was surprised how much of an overgrown lawn it can get through:

    Who knew a push mower would make stripes:


    Happy to answer any questions if people are curious about the Mean Green MGP-20.

    Cheers from the land down under :drinkup:
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    I have searched mean green several times over the years and have found nothing of importance besides the previous poster about user his user experience. You would think people buying this type of mower would be of the type to "spread the word".

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