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    most of my applications are granular applications,when i need to spray broadleaf weed control,acclam,or a fungicide application i use a 10 gal. greens wheelie that sprays 1 gal.per/1000 sf. and i love it. to fill it we mix on sight useing 5 gal plastic jugs filled with water. when we started to use the tip and pour jugs (we had to lable to meet state/fed guide lines), it seemed to work ok untill we had to mix acclam,and some fungicides that were thick or milkie so we started to use large drawing syring with a small tube on the end. we draw from the jugs and discharge the chem.into the greens wheelie filled with water,draw somemore water into the syring and it rinced.<br> i found this out last season and it seems to work for me . though to pass it on .<br> thanks for the forum anthony ,new jersey
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    Can you tells me about the green wheelie?<br>Is this an alternative to having a truck mounted tank? My applications are granular, but use back pack to spot spray. It time consuming, but i don't want to invest in a large tank. Thanks
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    I'd be curious as well. We also use backpack sprayers to spot-treat as opposed to a tank on one of our trucks.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>
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    the greens wheelie is a push sprayer that has a fold down boom with 2 nozzles that spray about 6 feet wide. its motorless and uses the wheels to pump the spray matt. cost about 500+ and i feel its worth it. my friend has a 300 gal tank sprayer and when i first got my wheel sprayer he did not say to much about it till he used it. its all he talks about. i think i am the only one in my area that has one. its made by wheel spray corp. 262-646-8640 web site is<br>
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    For even quicker and lighter broadcast liquid herbicide applications, consider the Micron controlled droplet applications. See at<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana
  6. I have a WS-485 grounds wheelie. I used it twice. I will sell it for $200. It needs a $33.00 valve assembly for the one of the ones that came with the unit sticks. It comes with a set of<br>extra pump tubes. I will knock it down and<br>ship it UPS. Buyer to pay shipping and cod fees.
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    We have a 300 gal truck sprayer for turf and ornamentals. Since we use it for ornamentals we don't use any 24D products in it. We do all of our turf weed control with backpack sprayers. If we need to do a large area we use a wide angle polijet nozzle (about 160 degree fan). We turn the nozzle perpendicular to our path (about 24 inchs high) and walk in a staight line back and forth over laping 50%. It gives a 5 to 6 ft. spray width (per single pass). We get about 1 gal. per/M (with a little slower than normal pace). We are looking at trying a TeeJet FloodJet nozzle for better sizing. Have any of you worked with the TeeJet FloodJet nozzles? If so how did they work for you?
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    Are you still using this Greens Wheelie, if not could you tell us why?


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    Check out this site. We have the 52 inch cart. I looked into the wheelie and decided this was one better. I love it. Low volume like a PG, low cost like the wheelie. And I do not carry any herbicides on my back!
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