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  1. Turtle II

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    I am posting this one in elements of business.....

    It is something I have been pondering and bushhog boy 's thread of " how much do you mow" lead me here.......

    What are the measurements of a 1/2 acre lot and a 1 acre lot???

    I am planning to buy a measuring wheel and am going to do some testing focusing on time per acre........

    I know the smart business men will be laughing at this----but I grew up in the city and dont know the measurements of acres.....
    I know I could go to other web sites,,,,but thought I would throw it out here.......

    Hope everyone is having a kick-butt HOLIDAY WEEK-END

    Eastern NC :cool:
  2. paul

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    Acre= 43560 sq. ft. or 4840 sq yds
  3. Turtle II

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    Does anyone know the rule for 1/2 and 1 acre measurements???

    I think half acer is 100 yards by 200 yards..........

    Like if someone's lot is 200 x 200 yards you could have a base already figured for your estimate.......

    Msot sub-divisions around here have 150 x 200 yard lots........
    I often wonder what folks mean when they say they got a "postage stamp" type yard......
    There are some row homes here that have 5 x 10 yard lots,,,,it doesent even seem like it would be worth geting off the truck unless you had the whole block.......

    enough rambling,,,,
    Hope everyone is doing well
    Turtle II
    eastern NC :cool:
  4. dforbes

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    I'm not sure I understand your question. Most 1/2 acre lots are not going to be 100 x 200. You need to measure front yard left side, right side, and back. Add together to get square footage. My rule, yes there are a few exceptions, if we unload a mower minumim $30.00. We do a Denny's, Has less than postage stamp lawn 200 sq ft. $30.00. doesn't fit well into route wouldn't do it at all but snow removal can be good.
  5. Lanelle

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    I don't think that smart businessmen will laugh at someone who is serious about figuring out the time and cost of doing work. Getting a measuring wheel and doing the testing is a good start. Look at the complexity of the work---- obstacles, narrow gates, lots of trimming and such to help factor how 'typical' a site is compared to your test site. And area is length x width---no addition required.
  6. lrose2

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    Glad you posted on this. Thought maybe I had been figuring the area all wrong. Maybe they do it different in MO.
  7. The Lawn Choupique

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    Is it a big acre or a small acre?
  8. MOW ED

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    You are on the right track but you can't focus purely on time per acre without other considerations.

    Some mower manufacturers will give you aprox acreage mowed per hour based on 80% or 100% productivity. Meaning there are variables while mowing such as deck size, overlap of deck, turn around time.

    The other big variable is terrain to be mowed. You will mow a dead flat, smooth one acre in x minutes. Add bumps and some trees and it is x + y minutes. Put that acre on rolling hills with planting beds and sidewalks and you have x + y + z minutes.

    Basically, every property has some little unique feature to it and it is wise to do time studies but you have to figure the variables.

    Goos Luck
  9. dforbes

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    I think you missed my point. I was not saying 100 X 200 is not a half acre. I was saying that not all lots will layed out like this. 150 x 145 or 241 x 90 are also a half acre. not all lots are a perfect 100 x 200. So you need to get accerate mesurements on all areas. I also agree you need to look the whole property over for obsticals befor prepairing a bid. Maybe we do do it differant in MO. We do it right. By the way 108.75 x 200 is a half acre.
  10. LoneStarLawn

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    I think the confusion was when <b>Turtle II</b> said <i>"I think half acer is 100 yards by 200 yards.........."</i> instead of feet. This actual would be a huge property and equivalent to 4.13 acres. Really need to specify feet and yards since it is not real clear with the original post.

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