Measuring Dynamic Pressure at the Spray Head

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by anotherbrian, Jun 9, 2011.

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    my suggestion would be to perform a bucket define a real time flow rate...if your not familar with the method...takes a 5 gallon bucket and a stop watch...if your water source can fill the bucket in 15 seconds or less you have your 20gpm (or more) ...if you cant tap into your main line simply and quickly then perform the test from a wall spicket and multiply the results by 1.75 to make up for the half inch pipe supplying it... this is a common practice from the days of brass heads and hydraulic controllers when most installers used a hands on approach to design
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    They very well may be 1800s. They have a big white gasket which occasionally give out. RB sells the gaskets separate, which I happen to already have.
    When I changed out the gaskets, I ended up with 26 psi measured at my worst head with 20 gpm through the system.

    Regarding getting a pressure gauge fitted between the sprayer body and the nozzle, there are fittings made for these which cost under $2. (for example
    PRESSURE-GAUGE-ADAPTER is available at

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