Measuring lawns?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BAMARED, Feb 13, 2003.


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    I just read a few posts from the past talking about measuring the yards w/ a measuring wheel and deriving a price via an algebraic equation of the sort. <B>You've got to be kidding!</B> Maybe I'm just not in-tune w/what's going on but, personally, I would be too embarressed to pull up to a prospective customer's house and whip out a measuring wheel as the customer watches me measure his yard to the exact inch. It just seems too ............................ Well, I don't know. Someone help me here.


  2. Tom Musselman

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    No offense but basing your contract on actual turf/bed square footage numbers is the only way to ensure you are accounting for appropriate levels of time and material.

    This is how we do it anyway.
  3. Organix

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    Petty? Excessive? Over-kill? Greedy? Materialistic?

    I could see doing this if you are doing commercial with various lawns of various shapes and sizes. I could see doing it if you had an odd sized residential or different shapes or whatever. But if you are dealing with pretty standard types of homes, especially suburban type, I think that would look pretty stupid too. I also think the customer's may look negatively at you for not being able to give a decent esimate by just look and for being, well, petty.

    Ah what the hell, where do I get one? Basically I go by a rule a thumb in one of the areas I work in, all homes are 75 a month until proven otherwise.
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    with mowing I pretty much know what its gunna take so I dont measure. but when it comes to putting fertilizer down the wheel comes out
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    I usually just say I am going to look the lawn over - my steps are so close to 3' that if I take 100 paces - I will be within 1 foot of the total - that gives me the opportunity to step off the amount of grass to be mowed, the number of difficult spot there are -(Not many difficult spots with the flex-deck however) but it gets me there.

    Thanks Brad
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    I measure everything, always have and always will. My formulas are great, every job matches time quote. No suprises. Our jobs are not cookie cutter variety. Measure once and then aeration/fert quote can also be supplied any time. Don't care what customer (or you for that matter;) ) think about how I arive at my price. They only care about price anyway.

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    I measure every property for my records, the turf, the beds, everything. When it comes time for fert, I know how much I need. Aeration, the same thing. I have formulas that I use for every type of job,mowing,edging,aeration,mulching,etc.
    IMO, its very professional. Also, you know you are not cheating yourself or the customer. Every has their own way though.
  8. Lance L

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    i started measuring so that if i ever have a crew w/o me there i can compare their time with mine knowing exactly how long it would take me from measuring the yards of done before with out me having to go and mow the new yards... and if they are interested in fert programs after they declined i will already know the sq footage and can quote them a price on the phone. many things you can do by knowing the exact size of a yard.
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    It's good to have a record of all lawns that you service. Should the mowing customer call up and ask for an aeration, you can give them a quote right over the phone. Should the next week they want overseeding, again, right over the phone. They call about a fertilizer program.....estimate over the phone. This has already saved you 3 trips to the customers property.

  10. Darryl G

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    I measure most of my lawns with a wheel too. Lots around here, even in the same subdivision vary greatly in size and shape. For small lawns, it may not matter much, but whether it's 1.25 or 1.85 acres can make a big difference in time. It's hard for me to tell the difference just looking at it.

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