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Did some searching for a web site that offer good quality distance measuring wheels. The cheapest I have found is 99 bucks.. Anyone know of a place where I can get a good one for less?
Thanks in advance


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Flint, Michigan
Home Depot or Lowes. I paid about 70 bucks for mine at a surveying and engineering supply store, and now I see them for about 50.


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If your not going to use it a whole lot, like me, go to Lowes and buy the el-cheapo model. It has a small wheel which isn't real great across grass but for measuring beds and such it works fine. Mine was $29.95!!!!!!!


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I purchased the big-wheel at TSC its been several yrs, but i think it was around 60 dollars. Works fine and its quick. But like Homer says if you don't use them much a cheapie is fine. Marks Mowing Service


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mid coast,Maine
Harbor freight tools has the small weel one ,it's $12.00. Works O.K. I have a big one in my work truck and keep the little one in my pickup, that way when people ask for an estimate I always have a weel.