measuring with a Z ?


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now this might be one of the weirdest threads here...but...I'm always looking for ways to improve efficiency..I had this brainstorm and so you can chew it up.

larger than 2 acre properties...mostly wide open
Determine the number of feet the Z travels per half minute or minute. At lets say, half throttle or half sticks...whatever method you choose. Once you know the ft per minute at whatever the throttle setting you choose, run the Z around the property....

This would be a whole lot faster than using a measuring wheel....sounds too simple...what am I missing? Ever tried measuring this way?


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East TN.
What if you drive with one hand and run the measuring wheel with the other? Or rig up something to hold the measuring wheel for you.


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Mount a bracket to the back of the machine that the wheel can be mounted to when needed..

it's still early let me think of some more ideas

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