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    how do you guys go about measuring a mulch job?how do you figure up how many yards of mulch you need?and also what are some of yalls rates to put out mulch
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    height x length x width = how many inches you need. there are 36inches in a yard so divide the = by 36, so what ever hxwxl/36 and you'll know how much mulch you'll need.

    i think im right, correct me if im wrong.
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    At the top of this forum there is a thread titled "How to determine how much mulch is needed". It will tell you what you need to know, unless you can't read or do math. Sorry if I come across as snotty, but this is why they made all of us do story problems in school.....:rolleyes:
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    Hose Jockey

    Some people have forgot the Readin part of Readin, Ritin and rthmathic. We seem to have the same question over and over and over again.
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    well see B&B what i do is i take my left eye and close it, squint with my right eye, put up my thumb to check the wind, take a few steps forward and back, and then i make an educated guess, but yeah, if you're not that good with guessing, then measure, and think of a cube that is 27cuft (yard) and do some old fashion math
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    There is another one just like this...........................
    Simple math................................

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