Mec Amine D

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rcreech, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. rcreech

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    I have always used 3-Way or Triplet and get awesome results.

    Got a price on a 250 gallon tote today of Mec Amine D today and it is about $1.75 less then Triplet and $2.45 less then 3-Way.

    Anyone got any take on this product or ever used it?

    Don't want to go to another product and save money if it doesn't work as well.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  2. jbturf

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    i dont use it but a buddy of mine does, and seems to be happy with it
    it is low cost per k , i cant recall the makeup other than a high percentage
    of 24d, ill have to look it up
    but isnt that an awful lot of product to be sittin on?
    how many years will it take you to use up that quantity?
  3. grassman177

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    hey rod, used to use it but had to add mcpp to it to gain great control over hard to control weeds like clover and the like. honestly i woulod not make the switch, but then again this was two gal per k out of of my tank and not a zspray at lower volume, it may work better there. you can always get a 2.5 gal to try out but it just was not as good as trimec 992 which was what i was using at that time. just my thoughts
  4. rcreech

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    Male, from OHIO
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    I have reviewed the label and it looks to be a fine product...just don't like to change unless I know I am not giving up any quality.

    I go through about 500-550 gallon of broadleaf concentrate a year. I don't sit on it long and actually just finishing up the one I just bought in April! Plus I save another $2 over guys buying in 30's.
  5. americanlawn

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    Mec-Amine D is identical to Trimec 992.

    2,4 D 30.5%.
    MCPA 8.17%
    Dicamba 2.77%
    Inert = 58.5%

    We've used both. We switched to MecAmine-D several years ago. Better price too (UAP/CPS). Works great for fall weed & feed app's, but we spike it with Chaser ester for creeping Charlie lawns.

    LIBERTYLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Mec Amine is a great product. Been using it for years. Cheap & gets the job done. I always use LI700 or Liberate penetrant/spreader with it.

    And it is sprayed through a Z-Spray:usflag:
  7. jbturf

    jbturf LawnSite Bronze Member
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    wow thats ALOT of herbicide and spraying
    certainly sounds like a good option for you

    was it you rc that was setting up metered nozzle for your herbi?
  8. philk17088

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    I have used it the last 2 years and really like it. For heavy clover, I use the higher rate and add a shot of surfactant. Cheaper than the Trimec Classic Iwas using.
  9. americanlawn

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    from midwest
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    Sounds good buddy -- we tried Liberate, but we didn't get the quick "burndown" that we get from LI700 (the awefull smell stuff). :laugh:

    Our water has a pH of 8.2 to 8.8 on any given day, so we like the buffering properties that LI700 provides.

    How much LI700 to you mix per 100 gallons? Thanks.

    p.s. Is adding LI700 really needed for an early fall weed & feed? (we've had good results without it -- especially when mixed with liquid fert) The liquid fert seems to double as a spreader/sticker & penetrant. rscvp, thanks

    I can understand using LI700 for ride-ons (granular fert), but for pulling hoses using liquid fert is another matter. Just thought I'd clear it up. Thanks.

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  10. rcreech

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    It is a really simple set up! 10 gallon tank, 3 gpm Delavan pump and oz meter. LOVE IT!

    It works great, no measuring, and it is a very clean fill with No drips, spills or splashing!

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