Mechanic In A Bottle?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by RickyDL77, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. RickyDL77

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    No, its not a Wierd Al peridy to the song by the Sting, or Police whoever it

    Has anyone used this stuff yet? I recieved a brochure from one of our 2-cycle equipment distributers this week. It's a cleaner, conditioner for Ethanol and bio deisel fuels. If so let me know what you thought of it. If it works like it says it does, i will be impressed.

    some of the specs of the additive:

    increases octane
    Fuel stabilization
    contains rubber and plastic conditioners
    removes water
    prevents ethanol phase seperation

    Might give it a try in the comming weeks and see how it performs. They have a carb cleaner (Mechanic In A Bottle) that they claim can clean a carb without taking it apart... says the additive can treat up to E-15 gas

    Ethanol Shield is the additive and Mechanic in a bottle is the cleaner i think
  2. pugs

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    I got a sample of the Ethanol Shield at an update I was at just recently. If I ever try it I will let you know...

    I just dont have alot of issues with fuel. And the issues I do have are year(or more) old fuel or other owner related problems.
  3. jkilov

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    Forget about it, I don't see any way it would work. It's either too weak to clean anything or too aggressive on the membranes. Carb/brake cleaner works, when you force spray it through jets and ultra-sonic for 5min or dip for 30min. Throw in a kit while you're at it, done deal. What's some 5% additive gonna do? Zilch! Maybe melt the fuel line.

    Sorry for rant, I've seen too many WONDER LIQUIDS in my life to give even a thought. Motor-up, fuel-up, steel-seal, teflon .... blah blah. Even those that help a little (seafoam) are too expensive in my book.
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  4. RickyDL77

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    i use seafoam now, but mainly the Deepcreep spray, it works well for breaking bolts and pruner blades.
  5. briano_1

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    Re: Ethanol Shield ... New Product (bhinton-2) ยป

    10:18 PM 6/3/2011

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    I have been using Ethanol Shield and Mechanic In A Bottle (MIB) for over a year now and can testify thatl of my equiment starts easier and just runs better! My snow blower always starts on the 2-3 pull no matter how cold the Michigan winter gets. Also I do not smel like 2-Stroke anymore, No smoking! And my boat and SUV has incresed power and idles much better.
    Try it you wil not regret it! Their webiste has an extensive list of retail outlets and distributors nation wite.

    American Made In South Carolina! Found it in this press release...
  6. Restrorob

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    I'm with jkilov, Until someone comes up with a magic potion to totally dissolve TRASH (leaves/grass/bugs/sand/rust) ALL this crap on the market is a waste of money and time.
  7. Lefet

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    We have an older Echo blower (650, 655?) maybe 8-10 years old that's been running fine until end of last season. Started bogging at full throttle. Went to a trade show this January and a guy gave me a bottle of this stuff. Threw some in the blower, let it run for 10 minutes, after about 7 minutes, it was purring like a kitten. Sounded like it ran better than it ever had. Haven't started it since then, will do it today but so far, I like the stuff.
  8. piston slapper

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    Its all snake oil.....motor honey...muffler bearing remover.....kanooter valve treatment....etc....
    Should have Lefet alone.......clean the carb and the fuel system and it won't take 7 minutes to run good.
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  9. Lefet

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    Jury's still out.
    Would a rebuild carb kit be something that should be included in periodic, (ever other year or so) maintenance?
  10. piston slapper

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    I'm gonna have to defer to Restrorob's earlier judgement.
    Truer words have never been posted.....
    This stuff is the "spanish fly" of the petroleum additive industry.
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