Mechanic In A Bottle?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by RickyDL77, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. piston slapper

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    This forum has always been a high testosterone zone...
    If you had read the entire thread before posting you would have known what to expect...
    Our opinions are just that...our opinions...they are not directed towards you personally, but at a product that has wasted more peoples money than it has saved...Until you've had a few years of dealing with confused customers bringing you equipment that has been doctored up by these magic will not understand the criticism vented here..
  2. GrassGuerilla

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    No worries Slapper, I get it. And yeah, yard apes aren't known for being civil. ;)
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  3. C.J.

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    ok can someone please summarize this thread and just give me a yes or no answer if this stuff works or not or do I have to read all 12 pages
  4. RickyDL77

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    I would have to say it does little good.. it's all a matter of, is the glass half empty or half full... Some say it works, some say it wouldn't. I see mechanical solutions working better than a chemical solution. Take it apart and fix it right and their will be no second guessing. But who has the time or the patience in this broke ass world :dizzy:

    For something that is just a little bit dirty/sitting for maybe a month or 2 at most, this might work... something that's been sitting up for 4-5 months I would say best to disassemble and clean. ultrasonic cleaners are probably the best bet.

    Guess it all depends on the application, time available and the willingness to get dirty. not so much if it works, it's if it works for you. Been a long time ago since I made this post, didn't realize it was still here. Guess I should read it all now and get caught up myself.
    Try not to blame the fools that make this stuff, they is only human.. blame our fuel companies for taking one form the watering hole "bars" and applying it to all of our lives. Essentially watering down our fuel to make this crappy instead of happy. :clapping: wtg guys.
  5. RickyDL77

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    NO is my answer and it's my thread so NO

    Fix it yourself or take it to your local business and support them, just keep an eye out for the crooked ones... they is everywhere I tell you.
  6. KSA250

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    Been using it for 2 years and yes I would say it is a great product. I have used Blue Marine Stabil, Lucas Ethanol fuel Stabilizer, Briggs & Stratton's fuel stabilizer (both the old blue-green one and their new reddish colored one) and this stuff is better.

    It is the only one that will absorb water, thus preventing phase separation. Pour some in a small glass, add water --fully mixes with it. None of the other additives I mentioned can do that. The resultant mixture, when tested for the presence of water itself, shows up negative. It does not contain alcohol so it won't put your fuel out of spec for alcohol content.

    It actually dissolves carbon and varnish. You can soak a piece of metal that has carbon or varnish on it and leave it sit in it and it will slowly dissolve.

    Before I fired up my new trimmer, I put several ounces straight into my gas tank and pumped it into the carb and let it sit several hours (don't crank it though because it isn't a lubricant and you wouldn't want that straight in a 2 stroke with no oil, besides you'd still need gas also present to turn over). I then dumped the stuff out of the tank completely and filled with 2 cycle mix (and pumped the primer bulb a bunch of times to get it into the carb and the residual MIB mixed in with the oil/gas mix)--I used the rest of the fluid as a cleaner to clean off chassis parts of equipment, tools etc.

    I don't know why people freak out so much over this kind of stuff. A 4 ounce bottle is under 6 bucks at Home Depot. If it doesn't work to your expectations or improve anything you can notice, it's not like you're going to be broke.
  7. piston slapper

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    KSA250....ITS SNAKE OIL....
    They are charging $6 for 4oz...or $196 a gallon for this hocus pocus elixer...
    What a racket....another one born everyday....theres always tomorrow...
  8. Patriot Services

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    What's everybodys favorite general purpose cleaner? I buy simple green by the drum and mix the strength to suit the job. The smell brings back memories. Tried purple stuff once and wasn't impressed.
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  9. dutch1

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    Patriot, have you tried Super Kleen? I use it straight in a SureShot sprayer--it's the one of the better grease/oil/grass stain removers I've used. It will dull painted surfaces if left more that 2 or 3 minutes particularly if working in the sun so it needs to be power washed fairly quickly.
  10. herler

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    The bottled mechanic works a lot like a genie, just rub it.

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