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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by olderthandirt, Aug 19, 2006.

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    Bought an aftermarket part on the advise of an owner/mechanic and had him install it. In less than a yrs time and still under part warrenty the part fails numerous times and I take it back and the owner orders new parts or fixes the problems. Now I'm having trouble again and the owner calls the manufacturer of the part and they will credit him what he payed for the part if he takes it off and sends it back. He now suggest thats what I do and he will installs another product that he stocks, the "new" product is less expensive than the original BUT he wants to charge me for installation, I'm all for this idea but don't feel I should have to pay labor again. Time is money as I know BUT I say since it was his suggestion and I paid for the original install that he should install his new part free of labor cost. He says he's losing to many hrs fixing the old part and wants to just credit me my money back minus the labor charge.

    So what/who is correct in this scenerio? I followed all his suggestions and payed his bill so I don't feel responsable to pay out any more $$$$. He has man hrs invovled that are not being compensated

    There is NO working it out, its one way or the other.

    For the record its not a mower but presented with the situation it should not matter what it is. Thanks
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    Well Mac, When I install ANY aftermarket part and the part fails with-in the part warranty period I will replace the failed part providing it did not fail from customer abuse or neglect with a new one FREE of charge. If I can see a obvious flaw in design or workmanship in the failed part I will replace it with a OEM part providing the customer pays the difference in the price of the part only no extra labor. Then I will take the matter up with the aftermarket company.
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    I would do the same as what rob posted. However, as a rule I do not "warranty" my labor with a customer supplied part. If it was a part that I normally sold, or a part that I did not normally sell but I requested that the customer purchase for me to install (VERY rare occurance) on his machine, I would replace the part if it failed under "normal use" with no labor charge.

    However, also as a rule customer "X" could not walk in off the street, bringing their machine and the parts to fix it, and expect me to work on it. I do not do the customer supplied parts thing. Most people will not purchase the best part available for their application; They buy the cheapest. They then expect the installer to guarantee the install on their "part" and often expect the installer to guarantee the part itself (because you touched it last-"you must have put ot on wrong"),
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    Thats a good point luc, But I have no problem doing that. It is written on their work order "installed customer's parts no labor warranty" and I sock um extra labor for doing this to make up the profit loss on parts. Also some customers will buy parts and attempt the job their self and find it's more than they can handle, They bring the unit in with the new parts and a box of parts they had already taken off the unit. I tell them OK I can take care of that and charge double the time. Thats just a couple ways of taking care of the penny pincher's, They really think their saving a buck but in reality they aren't. :laugh:
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    Thanks guys, The part in question was what the mechanic/owner of the shop said I needed and the brand name as well. I just gave him the OK and paid the bill.[he ordered an did the install] The problem is that the part has a design defect and will continue to cause problem, not my fault and since I paid once I won't pay again. The owner won't install another part unless I pay labor, so I guess we part ways.
    BTW-- It came real close to getting physical yesterday :weightlifter: The names started flying and luckily a smarter women stepped in to break it up
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    if HE suggested that part, and now its no good, he should eat the labor to install an OEM part. if YOU insisted on an aftermarket part to save a few bucks, i could see his point. if its the former, he should fix you up, no charge, then fight with the manufacturer of the bad part for his labor.
    and Rob, as far as installing customer supplied parts, around here we dont do that. at one time we did, but somehow it always came back to bite us...the guy who was an otherwise good customer insisting it was our parts, and we needed to take care of it, and like that. they honestly believed it was our parts, and perception is reality, as i once learned in sales school.
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    I'd replace the part, no labor. Period. I may lose, but it's not the customers fault. Now on the flip side, some warranties only cover parts, not labor. So.. he may have been doing you a favor and giving you the labor in the past for the other defective parts. OR.. the company only gives the shop maybe 1 hour warranty labor and it takes 3 to install... seen that before! It's a touchy thing when you go installing crap and you really don't know alot about it. Theres alot of Snake Oil salespeople out there going shop to shop, hocking everything from engine overhaul in a can to zip ties.
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    I'm quite curious as to what the part was. I'm also curious to know what manufacturer offers a year warranty on their parts.

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