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    Mot sure if this is the best thread but .....

    Got a call from a corporate park who wants someone to maintain the entrance medians. There are about 3 of them and each about 2-3k. They want to keep the weeds down in the beds only. Someone else will prune, plant, or mulch. I'm guessing they a maintenance department but are not licensed.

    They suggested once a month and we can discuss if that is adequate.

    Any suggestions on apps? I will do roundup at every app. I also have some sureguard and thought I could try that. Maybe rotate in some prodiamine at the first 1-2 Apps? Never used snapshot but have heard good things.
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    We use snapshot or free hand as a pre then spot treat monthly with RU. Not sure how long you control period would be, but if more than 7 months you may benefit from a second pre m application halfway through season.

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