Medium versus Heavy Duty Attachments

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Foozle, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Foozle

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    I'm looking to buy a tiller and other attachments, and I have the choice on most between light, medium, heavy and super duty versions. I'm looking mainly at Woods equipment right now. Any advice on how to choose between the durability? I wouldn't be doing any commercial stuff and have about 35 acres total, 10 acres to bush hog, 1 acre to farm, and 4 acres to mow.

  2. juststartin

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    Get a Brown or a Rhino Bushhog these are very heavy duty. Don't buy new because you can find a good used unit for $500 if your not in a rush to buy. My mower will take down some pretty big trees. I have cut up trees that were too big for the tractor to push over. Try doing that with a Woods and all you will have is a twisted pile of scrap metal within a week.
    Good luck
  3. wanabe

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    What do you plan to mow? If brush, then get something real heavy. If just tall grass/weeds then I would go to the medium line. Deere makes some nice mowers, I have a 2006 HX-15 which is a medium duty mower, and it is built heavy. There HX is the med. line, the CX is the heavy line. Bush hog also makes good mowers. If you go new, get the smooth deck top, makes cleaning easier. Woods is ok for light use, but not for serious work. I have a old 72" and it has seen better days, I even cut the back of the deck off and now just use it to hog trees. The deck on them will not last. There tillers are not much better. I just about destroyed a new 6 foot model on a 30HP tractor. Kuhn builds good tillers.
  4. Foozle

    Foozle LawnSite Member
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    Mainly going to mow pastures with tall grass/weeds, so I agree with you that probably don't need the heavy duty.

    Thanks for the input
  5. LandersLawncare

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    Buy a Taylor Way cutter and tiller they are the best
  6. lawn king

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    Light duty is fine to cut tall grass & weeds. Buy a landpride, it will last years and endure lots of abuse.

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