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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Dchall_San_Antonio, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. Dchall_San_Antonio

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    This is partially a test of my new capabilities as a moderator to see how this announcement thing works.

    My name is David Hall. I'm currently retired from my career of engineering for the US Air Force. I have found that being retired takes a lot more money than I expected, so I'm seeking to reenter the workforce as soon as possible.

    My interest in turf started as a kid. We had a dichondra lawn in Southern California. Dichondra is a ground cover and considered a weed in grass, but we had one nonetheless. It was a pain to keep the grass out of. That was before dichondra seed and before Grass-B-Gone products. In So Cal, everything grows, so it didn't take much to convince you that you were a gardening genius.

    My first job was working for a florist. The summer after that, I started school at a landgrant college in Calif. My dorm was right across from the ornamental horticulture unit with all the greenhouses. I spent a lot of time in there wandering the entire complex. Later after graduation and marriage, my wife decided she wanted to get a second bachelor's degree in ornamental horticulture. Naturally I helped her study and tagged along on as many field trips as I could. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have this curse that allows me to remember way to many idiotic facts from my past but not from my present (old age? - no history of Alzheimer's in the family).

    Flip ahead through five homes using chemical fertilizers and chem-icides and that brings me to now. When I left the Air Force I started listening to a local garden guru on the radio. He's organic and convinced me to try using corn meal under my roses to control powdery mildew. It worked great! So I tried it on everything else he said to try it on and it always worked. Then I started looking at the expensive bags of organic fertilizer and reading the ingredients. Corn meal was in almost all of them as a prime ingredient. Then I joined these Internet garden groups and learned that people all over the place were using coffee grounds, alfalfa pellets, corn meal, and other inexpensive materials as a fertilizer on their lawns and landscapes and getting excellent results. I did a ton of reading and regurgitated it many times over to folks interested in learning more.

    Recently one of my readers suggested I visit to see if I could settle a discussion about some organic issue. So I barged in and tried to help. Someone else suggested this forum be started and Sean asked me to moderate. That's how we got here.

    I hope to educate y'all as to how organic materials work and what to expect when you use them. Armed with this information you will be able to have intelligent conversations with clients as to how to proceed with their projects. Equally important is that you will be able to tell them why you are doing something, or not doing something to their lawn.

    I plan to post a few FAQs about organic turf management as announcements so they'll be easy to find and refer to. You are welcome to print them for your own reference at home. If I say anything really stupid on the FAQ, please challenge me on it. I'm trying to be helpful, not send you off on expensive goose chases.

    I'm told I'm too wordy. This message is a perfect example. I'll end it here. After all it is only a test of this part of the moderator's tool kit.

    David Hall
    Lawnsite Organic Forum
  2. yardmonkey

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    "I'm told I'm too wordy"

    Who says that? I never understand that complaint on online forums. The more info the better. If someone thinks a post is too long they don't have to read it. Or they can take their time and read it over days or weeks or months. I think its better to say as much as you can or want to on a subject rather than try to keep it short. Why put limits on knowledge and information?

    You're doing a great job. I'm glad you happened to be here just in time for this. Thanks for putting in the time on it.
  3. Grassmechanic

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    Thanks, David. I'm sure we'll all benefit from this forum, even if we can't/don't/won't apply it to our customers. But, we can still use it on our own yards....
  4. Ric

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    If I read your "Meet The Moderator" Right.

    You are a Retired Government Employee who has never worked in the Green Industry on a professional level. You are here to educate those of us who are working professionals in the Green Industry.
  5. leadarrows

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    It's called expanding your horizons. Try it you might like it. :)
    New practices in the green industry coming from outside the green industry is not so hard to understand. You get convertible with the way your doing things and change seems like a threat or a nuisance perhaps. But change in this case might lead to a little more spare change in my pocket so..............
    Be as wordy as you want I'm listening.
  6. Dchall_San_Antonio

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    Ric is reading it right. You never know where your next little bit of education might come from, do you :)

    I'm not here to dictate organic policy to your industry. I'm here to help y'all learn what organics is all about and see if we can find a profitable way to implement it for those clients who want it. If you have no clients asking for it, and you do not intend to implement any organic methods or materials, I think you'll find this forum boring.

    If you find reason to discredit any of the methods or materials I suggest, please have your references handy. I'm wide open to learning both the pros and cons of this stuff, and I'm not going to sugar coat organics. It has its problems. At the same time you will not find me bad mouthing the synthetic chemicals used in the industry. That is not the purpose of this forum at all. In fact I'm getting ready to post a FAQ about the ways in which organics cannot compete with chemicals. I believe it is important that the professionals know all sides of this stuff as clearly as I can make it. The worst thing you'll find me saying about synthetic chemicals is that some of them are harmful to the very microbes, insects, and other creepy crawlies that I believe to be important to the organic program. But I am matter-of-fact about it and not on any organic soapbox to convert all your clients against their or your will.

    I don't think this applies to Ric, but if all you have to write about is stuff about organics not being the answer to life's problems, or that there organic materials that are more poisonous than chemicals under the sink, then you've missed the point of this forum. It absolutely doesn't matter whether organics makes any sense to YOU or not. What matters is that there are people willing to pay you to implement it. And you can't implement what you don't know.

    As I told Sean when he asked me to moderate this forum, I feel underqualified from the industry point of view, but I do have some knowledge about organic methods and materials that many of y'all don't have. I'm here to share it and when I've shot my wad, I'll bug out. I also told him I could be equally effective as a participant and not the moderator. But here I am. If any of y'all would like to moderate, please write to me or Sean.

    I think the FAQs will go a long way to imparting quite a bit of basic info. I also think there is room for improvement on the FAQs, so please don't be shy about making suggestions (I can already tell that Ric is sort of hesitant to express his opinion :) ) I've locked the FAQs down so we don't get into a urinating contest within them. I've seen that happen in Sean's announcements elsewhere. I think we can discuss possible changes in the body of the forum.

    So I hope this meets with the industry approval.
  7. Enjoy Life Ronnie

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    David I've made a living applying chemicals for over 35 years and you are the first organic instructor I've met with an open mind and a willingness to try and understand what it's like when you serve the public.

    When Billy Bob calls with roaches he expects results and if I don't deliver <B>I don't eat.</B> It's the same for termites, spiders, and rats, aphids, scorpions, snakes, bagworms, and bedbugs… Well you get the picture.

    Most professional applicators are just like me. Give me a product that works and is affordable and I'll jump for joy and lead the parade.

    In the mean time… Believe me, the products are changing. Chemicals are safer and more effective today than ever before. Baits replace most sprays and IPM is a standard practice.

    Someday environmentally friendly products are going to replace overly used fertilizers, weed killers, and insecticides… And we will all benefit.

    In the mean time I make no excuses for what I do, or the way I do it. Some insects and rodents carry disease and create misery. It's my job to protect not only the environment but also my customers and their property.

    It's a job I love and I get paid to do it. Those of us in business appreicate what you are doing to help make out jobs better. Even if we don't always sound like it. Thanks.

  8. ChickensDoo

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    I think you'll do a fine job as mod here in the Organics Forum, as you seem to have the right mindset for the job.

    Have been involved with the synthetic and chemical 'side' of turf care for over 25 years, and am a recent (2002) convert to the benefits of supplying organic matter to lawns and landscapes.

    I am not a tree-hugging, anti-chemical activist by any means. In fact, I feel there are some really wonderful benefits to feeding the plants and energizing the soil with organic matter, while using some of the newer lower-use-rate plant protectants for IPM.

    Glad the site started this forum and wish you the best as its moderator.....
  9. backsmackwristcrack

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    owning a modest llawn care company called orr-ganic I can really appreciate your efforts...
  10. Avery

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    I noticed that too. New member, retired, never owned a business or worked in the industry. But is a moderator. Seems a little flaky IMO. But he is in the organic forum so I will never see how he does. I am very pro-chemical. :cool:

    Best of luck to you Dchall_San_Antonio.

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