Meg-mo Blades

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jeds_Lawn_Care, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Jeds_Lawn_Care

    Jeds_Lawn_Care LawnSite Senior Member
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    I know I mentioned these in my Best Blade post, but I wanted to get some more opinions about these.

    Questions I have,

    Do they mulch grass well?
    Are they worth the $170?
    Can I mow @ full speed in (practically) any condition?
  2. Richard Martin

    Richard Martin LawnSite Fanatic
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    1: Mulching grass has as much to do with the design of the deck as it does the blades. Whether they will mulch well on your mower is something only you'll be able to answer after you buy them.

    2: Not in my opinion.

    3: No.

    I had them on my 60" Dixie Chopper for about 30 minutes before I took them back off. I found that they were leaving major amounts of stringers sticking up where the blades would fold back. You have to have major amounts of excess horsepower to use them and my 25 Kohler wasn't up to the job.

    Your results may vary.
  3. weve

    weve LawnSite Senior Member
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    The Meg-Mo's may do well on some mowers but left a lot of uncut stringers for me also with my Dixie Chopper. They did do well on my Flex-Deck but not on the main deck. My engine was a 26hp Yanmar diesel. I have yet to try them with my 35.5hp diesel. They have been laying in my garage for nearly two years.
  4. KathysLGC

    KathysLGC LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have a set and I use them on my 60" 25hp lazer. You can't go to fast with them or you will have to double cut. Make sure your engine rpms are where they should be with the blades engaged. For my mower it's 3600rpms. In normal dry grass I find that they do a decent job. Where i like them the most is in spring/fall clean ups. Are they worth the money,....... Yes and no. I feel they are over priced but you will make the money back over time by shortening the time it takes you to do your clean ups. They have good vacuum and don't as fast as other blades when you hit twigs during your clean up.
  5. naturescape

    naturescape LawnSite Bronze Member
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    They are absolutely horrible blades. Search for my posts on them.
  6. Steppenwolf

    Steppenwolf LawnSite Senior Member
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    Be better off running doubles.
  7. naturescape

    naturescape LawnSite Bronze Member
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    It's hard to believe these are still being sold. What's wrong with them? Let's see.......... Almost every posting here by their inventor (I won't name names) consists of typo after typo........ that should have tipped me off - is he illiterate??............. The order form was all wrong, pricewise, when I ordered them......... The cut was HORRIBLE......... clumps EVERYWHERE!............. and I've never packed as much grass under my deck ever, not to mention in so short a time (like in a few minutes)!......... they were used on my 48" Exmark Turf Tracer in perfect shape......... sharpening the blades would be a NIGHTMARE........ when I returned them I had to follow up weeks later to get my refund......... WARNING: Don't sell me a piece of absolute garbage and expect me not to spread the news!
  8. irishgoldcleanups

    irishgoldcleanups LawnSite Member
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    do they make a mulching kit for a 48" scag? and a 36"bradley??????????/
  9. Runner

    Runner LawnSite Fanatic
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    I don't know, as I have never used them, but it sounds like case in which you just can't re-invent the wheel. I read in a thread a short time ago, where someone said that there hasn't been a change in blade design in many ,many years. Well, there may very well be a reason for it. There hasn't been much changes in shovels over the years, either.
  10. macaw

    macaw LawnSite Senior Member
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    This will be the 4th year I have used them and they work just fine for me. I run them on a 52" Scag hydro wb and a Tiger Cub. They stay sharp a lot longer than other blades (about 2 weeks) do great in wet grass no clumps.and no slow down
    for me. They are a bit pricey.Just remember not everything works for everybody
    or every mower!

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