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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Meg-Mo, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. Meg-Mo

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    The attached photo is showing the new MEG-MO blade on a Bad Boy deck. I thought you might like to see for yourself what all the talk is about.

    meg-mo web.jpg

    SHOW ME STATE RIDER LawnSite Member
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    Was was the price for them ? exmark 52/32/48
  3. captaingreen

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    I have a Scag tiger cub, 52" 24 hp. Wondering if anybody has used these on their scags, and if they have practical opinions on their performance.
  4. lee b

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    Does anybody use mega-mows on the 7-iron Deere decks, and how do they perform? With the bahia grass and sand I'm sharpening blades every 6 hours to keep top performance, getting sick of changing blades every time I mow. I need to hear from somebody down south, not anybody mowing that easy grass up north. Of course for the mega-mow price tag, they would have to make a big difference to be worth the price.
  5. OP

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    On the exmark 52 the blades cost $ 59. 95 per blade 32/48 the blades cost $ 49. 95 per blade.

    Scag 52 blades cost $59. 95 per blade

    The 7 iron check post by DLCS

    FERT-TEK LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Hey Meg-Mo do your blades offer an improvement over regular blades when using a mulching kit with baffles. Also, how do they perform when using a OCDC closed? I am considering purchasing a set for my Toro Z-master with the new turboforce deck. How much for one set for a 52" deck with one set of extra blades? Part number?

    My mower is new and I havn't switched blades yet, so how do you guys get past the saddle that Toro uses for its blades? Is that a problem that can be overcome? What changes have you made on your "new design" what is different?
  7. GLS

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    How do you balance the blades? Or do you just not...I don't see how you could.
  8. Norm Al

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    i heard if you buy a bad boy mower your customer will drop you? does this hold true with those kind of blades also?:)
  9. The Lawntamers

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    lee I tried a set of Meg-Mo this past season on a 62" side discharge Walker. I could not tell any difference from my regular blades. They needed sharpening in one day and the lifters wore off in about 7 days of mowing. Our sandy soils here in southwest Ga. are real abrasive.Needless to say that was an expensive experiment for me. Live and learn. RLM
  10. lee b

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    Thanks, that's what I needed to know. Alot of things that work up north just don't work here.

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