Meg-mo On Toro Review

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by oldturf, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. oldturf

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    Installed meg-mo blades on one of my 62" SFS Toros with 27 hp kohler.

    This required cutting a 2 1/2" slot in the 3 saddles on the spindles.
    I did this with a 4 1/2" side grinder with the spindles still on the mower
    and it took a couple of hours of work, with a rest period thrown in here
    and there.

    I did not sharpen them before putting them on the mower,but when I
    did a test cut with them I was not happy with the cut, so I removed
    them, sharpened them and put them back on. This time they cut very
    Horse power drain;
    I have often read about these blades taking away horse power and they
    do bog down the mower when you first engage them. I have started
    engaging them at half throttle and this seems to work better.

    At first I thought that they were slowing the mower down more than
    usual in heavy, wet grass and tested them against an identical mower
    with Toro medium lift blades. I ran them with one trailing the other and
    could tell no difference in performance. This did not exactly make me
    happy since I have nearly $200.00 invested in them.

    Like I said above, I could tell no difference in the two mowers. The SFS
    decks have always been good at side discharging in tall grass and still
    are with the meg-mos. They do reduce the clippings to a smaller size
    which does make some improvement in the overall appearance of the cut.

    I did have an area of thick old leaves that I ran both mowers through and
    the meg-mos did a much better job of mulching the leaves, even while
    still side discharging.

    After installing the blades and testing the height adjustment against the
    other mower I was pleasantly surprised to find that the setting remained
    the same.

    I suspect, and hope that they will be an improvement in bagging, but
    have not yet had a chance to try them out.

    I do like the way that they mulch and believe that they will be worth
    having, if just for this. They are much easer to put on and off than a
    mulching kit. They are advertised to need sharpening much less often
    than regular blades, and if this is true this will be a big plus. If this does
    not prove to be the case then I will use my regular blades for normal
    mowing. As I said, I had to sharpen them before using because they
    come with the cutting edge having a very rounded edge. I use a 20"
    disc sander to sharpen the blades and had no trouble at all sharpening
    them, although the high heat generated in this type of sharpening may
    ruin the hardness of the blades.

    Overall I did not see any great improvement in mowing other than
    mulching and some improvement in reducing the size of the clippings.
    These improvements may be enough to merit them and if they last longer
    between sharpening, and if they increase spindle life then that will be
    another plus. I will keep you informed as I learn more.
  2. crzymow

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    i bought some a year ago, wasnt really impressed for the money. The only time i thought they did a good job was i the fall when i mulched leaves then bagged them. other then that, didnt care for them, wouldnt buy them again.
  3. LawnMower

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    There was a thread on Meg Mows last year. I guess a guy tested the Meg Mows against double blades. There both about the same the guy said. There may be a little difference but thats about it.
  4. Tn Lawn Man

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    Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts.

    I really like reading honest reviews.
  5. LawnSite Senior Member
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    You mean instead of someone coming on and saying "Meg Mo sucks big donkey butt" and leaves it at that? LOL

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