meg mo systems what do you think ??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by M RASCOE&SONS, Mar 3, 2006.


    M RASCOE&SONS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i went and searched some info about the meg-mo blades system and i was wondering on just performance alone would they be worth the price compared too highlifts or gators for all seasons of mowing or woud just having regular blades sharpened be just as good.they will be going on 2 laser 60inch exmarks with liquid cooled 27 kawis:drinkup:
  2. JRG12

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    Meg-mo's will certainly cut down on the frequency of sharpening blades. You will also notice your grass/leaves being cut up finer with less clumping. This will obviously eliminate some double cutting.

    Are they worth the money? Depends on how valuable your time is. You will spend less time sharpening and slightly less time mowing. Knives will also last longer than standard blades.

    Speaking strictly performance- Just keep with set of highlifts sharp. In the fall double them up with a set of gattors and you will basically have the same performance as meg-mo.
  3. landbud

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    I had a set of meg mo's sent them back had them on 20 hp ztr every time on turned on the blades it would just about stall the mower for 160 dollars I DON'T NEED THEM TO KILL MY MOWER
  4. dcgreenspro

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    nice blades, good system try doubles first to see if you like that sort of thing.
  5. corey4671

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    Hey lnadbud, just out of curiosity, did you have any trouble getting your money back from MegMo when you returned those blades?
  6. landbud

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    no had no trouble from them as far as that is they asked a few quetions sent my money back
  7. Jeds_Lawn_Care

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    Just got off of the phone w/ Mr. Roy Megli (inventor of Meg-mo blades). He told me he guarantees 100% of the product price back if you aren't satisfied.
  8. Lawnsmithcare

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    I talked to him yesterday and it sound like a great product he uses them daily I will be ordering 2 sets this spring.
  9. Jeds_Lawn_Care

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    Mr. Lawnsmith, let me know how you like these things.
  10. causalitist

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    oh, i was under the impression that they were lighter.. but if they are stalling engines then they arent.

    one of the main reasons i am considering them is i thought they were lighter.. i.e. less belt/clutch/engine wear... but if they are stalling engines then its a tradeoff.. performance for wear.

    anyone else have anything to say about the weight and/or engine load?

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