Megapixels to use for site?

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Garden Panzer, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. Garden Panzer

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    How many megapixels would one need for quality pics on a site?
  2. ksland

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    The cheapest camera you can find will do 640x480 which is the resolution you would use max on a page to load. Megapixel cameras even just 1 take too detailed of a picture to upload, file size is too big.
  3. Turboguy

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    KSLand is right. No matter how many megapixel your camera is when you put it on the web it is going to display at 72 pixels per inch. The pixels themselves are not important. The advantage of not going with the cheapest camera is that you will have a better lens and more clarity with the pixels you have. You are probably going to need a photo editing program primarily to reduce the pixels (The easiest way is just to shrink the photo)

    There are some free photo editing programs you can download off the internet. You may get one with your camera. At todays prices, I would suggest you look at 3.1 megapixel and up. The 3.1 in quality mode will give you something like a 28 inch by 22 inch photo at 72 dpi

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