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    This is the website and company I just started. Here is my tagline:

    Brevard Lawns LLC is the premier multi-service lawn care company for Melbourne in Brevard County FL. We are proud to offer full online service for your lawn care needs. Our services include professional lawn maintenance packages starting at $50 per month customized to fit your individual household needs. We use only the highest quality products and top commercial equipment on your lawn to ensure your yard looks picture perfect every time. We guarantee that our experienced lawn care professionals will maintain a professional appearance while providing prompt and courteous service.

    Melbourne Lawn Care
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    Hello, Welcome to the business! Florida is a market I know very well and you are very fortunate to be in such a fertile area where there will be great growth in upcoming years. Just wanted to say hello and that I am available if you need any information or have specific questions on getting your company off and running. Good Luck!

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    Welcome to Lawnsite!
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    hey man orlando here welcome

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