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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by desert night light, Sep 1, 2006.

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    you know I was in my distributors warehouse today and i noticed more than a few transformers that had been returned of a certian brand with melted terminal blocks. I asked what was up and was told contractor error probably didn't tighten the terminals properly . Now this is of course possible but to have that many of them like that from different customers indicates to me a possible manufacturer problem. any of use ever had a problem like this. Talk about potential hazard. Made me want to put my tool belt on e-bay and call it a career.
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    who's the manufacturer...if they are selling 100-200 per day and they have 10 laying around I wouldn't be alarmed. i have seen some fx transformers melted down pretty good. you know if they're making there own transformer....that might concern me if they are annnnddd they aren't selling large #'s. If they're selling one that they get from a manfctr that's makes most everyone else's probably installer error. Just to be safe, go to all your jobs give one more good twist on your terminals, then put your tool belt on ebay, move your company to barbados (at least on paper) and head for key west. Have a margarita for me.

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