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At the startup page of this forum, scroll to the bottom. It gives you a list of who is logged onto the site at that time. That's cool. It really is, but it is also a bit frustrating. If I know a certian member is online, it would be nice if I could toss him/her a comment or question
since we are both logged onto the same website.
And before it is suggested, Instant messenger isn't made to do stuff like this. There is NO WAY you could get every member to install this and run it each time they come on line. Can this be done? IS is possible Eric?

Just wondering. It would be really cool

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When they switch over to the new forum its supposed to have instant messanging capabilities, but I know most of the people I have became friends with on here, we chat a lot on either MSN messanger or AOL Instant Messanger. I put my screennames in my signature in case anyone wants to IM me. It works until we get the new forum version.

Hope this helps!

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The new software coming out that will power Lawnsite is supposed to have a chat feature built in. If it doesn't take to much resources to run it, Chuck plans on trying it out. The software before this had Java Chat, which worked but had a lot of drawbacks to it also. In the mean time, if you want to get in touch with someone you see on line, you can click their name on that list and it brings up their profile and from there you can access their email address if they have it listed.

The new software should be ready for use in the near future.


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