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    springuy#1 got me thinking about this member thing I saw on his invoice... anyone else do it? how do you do it? We are working on our website right now and looking for a way for people to sign up to be members and receive a regular discount... any advice?

    also... I posted this under a different thread but I figured I'd try again...
    I'm taking the IA exam this month... anyone got any advice on what to focus on? I bought the two books and am student at the University of Michigan so I'm a pretty good student but if anyone has any tips I'd appreciate it
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    Tips? your not in to far to get out!! Pap always told me you couldn't get rich dign' that ditch........ Your still in school, there's got to be a better option :)

    I wouldn't post this if I thought my retirement plan was going to read it though LOL
  3. BSME

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    from Midwest
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    haha yea... trust me... I'm finishing school because I know the body can only do this for so many years... but as an economist I dunno what I'd want to do right out of school anyway.... besides I hate to leave all my customers hanging while the money is better than something I'd get in a year... I think the eventual plan is to either eventually pawn it off on a younger brother or I know there are a couple companies in the area of buying happy customer lists....

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