Memphis Hustler dealer going out of business


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Who is going to sell/service the Hustler brand in the metro Memphis area?
I bought up plenty of blades, filters, ect.... for my Hustlers, plus I bought the shop's commercial blade sharpener [great deal] However, with my machines still in warranty, who is the closest dealer?


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Syracuse, NY
Sorry for the delay in posting.
I just heard about this myself last week.
I am going to make a few phone calls and see if there is a new dealer in the works.
I will post here or e-mail you as soon as I find anything out.



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Nashville, TN
There will be another dealer in the Memphis area very soon, and an announcement will be made as soon as the paperwork is done.
Donald Bell, SouthCo Sales
Hustler representative for Kentucky & Tennessee


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That's good to know, I'm going through all the equipment at this time.

My Hustlers have been, [up to this point], reliable and dependable.

However, I don't want to travel extreme distances to get parts. Down time equals lost profit.

I have lots of praise for the Hustler brand, tip top equipment.


I have an issue [outstanding] concerning the recoil on my walkbehind that has never been resolved by the quy that is going out of business.....

Edgy people.....

Maybe that is the reason you see so few Hustlers in Memphis.

If I had a choice in Memphis area Hustler dealers, I would have never gone back to the guy thats going out of business....


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Midsouth Sweeper has done a great job of getting me in and out pronto in the past, how soon I had forgotten that when the owner yelled at me to "get out of my way" in that drill seargent voice and I didn't appreciate it.

My apoligies to the owner, I understand that we all have bad days, I am sorry about the negative post, and I wish him well in his new endeavor. good luck to you.