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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNGODFATHER, Jan 5, 2002.

  1. Do you treat male and female cleints differently?

    If so how?

    I explain and sell things differently to each.
  2. Ric

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    It depends how how old and good looking she is.
  3. TSS

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    It is easier to sell things to women, but the men feel like they can do it all. I had some tree take downs to do for a lady and her husband told her to tell me to leave the last tree to take down. It was a independent tree about 13 feet tall and about 2 inches around. Just wanted to feel like he was the man. Women are hard to work for though, because the usually don't understand what the final product will be. Also, due to the fact that they like to change their minds while you are in the final stages of what they originally wanted.
  4. geogunn

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    I tell them both the same amount.

    and that is whatever it takes to get the job.

  5. I deal with women as plant managers, and women as stay at home housewives. I've found the sex of the client to have very little bearing on the customer-client relationship.

    Lots of things are more relavent. What is that person's interest in caring for the lawn? To make them look good to their supervisor? Or is it to use their position to genuinely improve the enviroment for the people the work with?

    But then I probably spend more time analizing my clients than the average LCO would. I have large accounts that I nurture for years.

  6. Lawn Dog2001

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    I deal with them both about the same. I find male customers to be much more easy going, and less picky. Sometimes they like to come out and BS a little to often.

    Female customers seem to be a little more particular about what we are doing. I have also noticed that female customers seem to be very indecisive in making decisions. Sometimes you can explain things over and over again and they just can not decide. Often I end up saying "Look lets do it this way."
  7. BolandS

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    Just curious lawngodfather, why do you treat male & female customers differently? What type of approach do you use for each sex?:confused:
  8. fivestarlawnken

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    I treat both equally.They are both equal parts in money spending..usually.The only problem i've encountered was dealing with one half and the other half steps in out of the blue.:rolleyes:
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    I try to treat them with an equal amount of courtesy and respect and I expect them to treat me the same way. I really hate it when someone tries to treat me like I'm the stupid lawn guy who talks to gophers all day. If I can generalize I think men like to exchange facts and prices and women like appearences and perceptions.A woman may say it makes me feel good when I see my yard and a man may just says looks good.
  10. Majority of women are by far easier to sell to. Most require less discriptive explanations of services. They just say "ok do it", instead of "what am I getting", or "what does this do", etc....

    Now on the flip side what David Haggerty mensioned about per say the female plant manager, is a whole different ball game.

    When they spend their own, or husbands money, it's not the same as if they are spending a companies money.

    I approach them the same, they change the they way of how it's done. You never know who your going to talk to till you are there.

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