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    Hey everyone,

    I am currently looking into getting merchant services for my company. The packages I am mainly interested in are these wireless handhelds that you can carry in the truck with you. They are for use with Mastercard, visa, amex and debit cards. (for the most part, though i think they make you pay a fee for each company)

    Pretty slick little units, they are just like the debit machines in stores only wireless and print a dual copy right there on the machine.

    What I am wondering is if any of you guys currently find merchant services to be a worthwhile expense, (I was thinking of advertising with the credit card logosand use it as a competitive edge over other guys in the area) or if perhaps its jsut as good to go without. Though I think getting the security deposit for installs would be much easier.."Well Mr. Jones, if that price looks right to you, we can just put the deposit on your credit card and get started on Monday for you!"

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can provide some info on these services, or perhaps alternatives that would still allow me to offer credit and debit card handling to clients.



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