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Merit 75 WSP for Pecan Tree Honeydew??


LawnSite Fanatic
Nope, but Orthene works well cuz of its systemic properties.

If the pecans are for edible use, you probably want to use a contact foliar spray.

Plus, use an insecticide designed for "sucking" insects.

Best bet...contact your local land-grant university. They probably offer a "fruit/nut tree spraying schedule".

Zinc is an important micronutrient you may also want to incorporate with the insecticide spray for pecans.

Make sure you charge plenty.

Also -- if you're just spraying for aphids on the foliage, you're merely fixing a cometic problem or limiting the amount of honeydew droppings on cars and decks. Aphids will not harm the tree.

Case borers are a different story.

Bottom line: contact your local extension office. Good luck, american.