Merit (breakthrough) new england!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawn king, Oct 1, 2012.

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    I gotta say this is why I dont stop in much anymore.
    To many pissing contests.

    BTW Ric, FWIW, I do enjoy your posts usually. You have always struck me as a pretty well informed individual with a worthy opinion.
    However...............Sometimes its hard to put up with the grumpy ole man syndrome. I can see why some would suggest that you are a bit more ballsy behind the keyboard.

    Hey Scott!
    Must be applicator error!
    All kidding aside ole buddy, I havent had any problems and it seems we should be on the other end of the cycle by now.
    What did you use?
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    In case people haven't noticed, I ANSWER QUESTION But don't ask them. If anyone is so thin skinned and feels so inferior that they don't like the way I answer questions. Then put me on ignore so you don't have to read them. I will turn 72 yrs old this month and that is my Personality in real life as well as the Internet.

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    You wouldn't last a day in Jawga...I know you know Karate, but that won't protect you from being slapped, kicked in the teeth or shot. ;) So if you wanna make it to 72, stay out of Jawga.

    All we are asking is that you not be such a knob.
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    Enough already with the fighting!! We had our hottest july on record here in south east massachusetts, so im sure some of the breakthrough is due to not watering and some due to photodecompisition. We had more beetle activity in this area than we have seen in 3 or 4 seasons, in fact i had chafers buzzing around my gardens in norton ma. well into september. What im trying to figure out is are the grubs starting to build an immunity to merit?
  5. fl-landscapes

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    If Barry posted rutgers reporting zero resistance issues, then I would say it's most likely a cause of all the factors you listed. But as previously stated (to play devils advocate) sugar cane grubs in FL are not controlled by merit, so I guess resistance is possible.
  6. Cadzilla

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    How bout them Grubs! lol

    Seriously. I just walked off the second best soccer field in my town and they have grubs up the ying yang. I don't treat it but will be from now on.

    Now they need grub control on 70,000 sq feet of un irrigated turf set for slit seeding soon...Yippee!
  7. phasthound

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    Just to be clear, Rutgers was only referring to their test plots. Merit applications are ubiquitous, so resistance will happen, it's just a matter of time.
  8. jbturf

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    yes im seeing alot of breakthru as well,

    im seeing it mostly on well irrigated properties, and maybe two non-irrigated

    -as of last week most were almost a centimeter long, heads between 1/16 -1/8" wide
    and acitvely feeding of course, so id say umass was right on with their predictions this season

    im seeing alot of oriental beetle grubs and few e chafer

    not good
  9. gregory

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    i used merit a few years ago and both times it failed me so last year and this year i used arena no problems in either yr...dont know if the problem with the merit was the timing or the type of grub..
  10. Landgreen

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    I'm seeing breakthrough as well. One is a large irrigated lawn that is well maintained. It has a very thick turf yet the damage from grubs was accelerating at a quick pace. I hit it with duocide and all is well.

    Not sure what to do for next year. I'm hoping it is just environmental factors and not a decrease in the efficacy of the product. FWIW I use a fert coated with Merit. Have used it the past two years with great success. 100% effective until now. :rolleyes:

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