Merry Christmas


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TO all my friends and co adventurists, LOL

May this Christmas be the brightest and happiest for you all and your families yet!

May the coming New Year bring you much prosper, and good fortune!!

David Gretzmier

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Merry Christmas to all as well. If you wish , lets all share a few happy moments of Christmas time.

I have had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day so far. some of you may know I am happily married for 18 years have 4 children ages 4 -14. My wife was born and raised here in NW Arkansas, and her parents and grandparents are still here. Christmas, although a very stressful busy time at work, is also magical with Christmas shows, family, gifts and food. We have spaced out the unwrapping of the gifts all day with more to go. The turkey slow roasted all night and smelled wonderful and tasted great. I got to make the gravy and green beans.

although we had 2 guys plus myself doing fixes for a few hours yesterday morning, the business side has been blissfully quiet. I got a call from a client at 9:30pm on Christmas eve night, but chose not to answer and thankfully she left no voicemail. all I really did yesteday was change a few bulbs and fix a timer issue. the guys did a few more extensive tall ladder bulb fixes.

Remote control cars sure are fun at Christmas time. I think I will buy at least one child one every year.

I sincerely wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas, and hope you have lots of food, family, rest ,and gift time.


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Mid New Jersey
Merry day after Christmas. We had my family for Thanksgiving and my wifes here for Christmas. My wife is still sleeping as she worked her butt off the last 4 days running around getting her shopping done and preparing the house. Success. Next week we will start to take down the lights.