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    PJ, the lift kit definately helped with the cut of the XR7 but I am still having major problems with cut and now build up under the deck. I have sent a message to Huslter but they take along time to get back to me usually. Please check out this post and especially the build up pictures on post 50 and 51. I woud love to have my money back on this mower but I am a reasonable person and will still work with Huslter if possible. I have just spent so much time with working on the cut with mixed results. My dealer and mechanic didnt seem to know what a lift kit was so I figure I am better off taking this problem to you or Huslter directly. Here is the message I tried to send Huslter:
    I am a cutomer with a Super Z XR7 60" deck. The cut above 3" or so was very bad,uneven with stringers when you got above 3" and steadily got worse as the height was increased. Several of us on Lawnsite had this problem and Huslter has sent us a lift kit free of charge which has helped with the cut but it still isn't very good and the build up on the bottom of the deck is very bad since the installation of the lift kit leading to constant scraping. I have spent many hours trying to make this deck work out for me and I am growing frustrated as the growing season is nearing and end and I'm still (along with most everyone else that recieved the lift kit) having cut problems. The brochures claim the XR7 is a deck for all conditions but it is not doing well in my area of Southern Kentucky. I have added the fft fix also. Please look at this post on Lawnsite and see the problems I'm having. I have many pictures of the cut problems and many are on this post. I am a reasonable person and love my Huslter other than the cut problem and maybe the pumps and motors take a bit of power on hills. My dealer has been nice but they are not up on these problems like your reaserch and development department and P.J. the mowerconsultant at Lawnsite. I have checked the blades, rake, tires, etc. This is definately a deck issue with all XR7's in certain Northern grasses. I have talked to many that have the same issues and I have not talked to one that the lift kit has totally solved the problem. I would love to get my money back on this mower but if you think you can come up with solutions to the deck problems I am willing to listen. I talked to the mechanic and others at the dealership and they didn't even know what a lift kit was so this needs to go to a higher source at the Hustler company. Everyone with this issue love the mower but hates the cut. I am aware that this just an issue mainly in the Midwest or other areas with certain Northern grasses. Please check out this post on Lawnsite and it will explain it better. Post #50 and #51 show some of the build up problems since the lift kit was installed and this grass was not even wet to the touch. My dealer and Hustler in general have been very good to work with but I need this fixed or a refund before the end of the mowing season. Thanks, Lawrence Stapp
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    I read your post here and on the commercial forum.
    I have contacted our regional service rep and sales rep, they are getting with your dealer to work something out here.

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    I don't mean to jump on the bandwagon here, but I have experienced the same problems. I do not have the lift kit, but it seems like you would be sacrificing for a better cut by scraping continuously. I am willing to try anything, but I really would like to solve the cut issue. So far Hustler has EVERYTHING going for them except the cut (which is the most important aspect of a mower) in most cases. I will not be looking forward to next Spring, due to the current cut. Do we have any options at this point?
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    The air lift kit takes care of your cut issue, when I have more details on it and know we have some stock of these kits I will update you, should be real soon.
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    Hustler and Homeland Equipment, LLC
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    Both have been so friendly and helpful that I really didn't know what to say. Hustler has stood behind the product 100% and they and my dealer after seeing the pictures gave me no problems with returning the mower. I almost feel embarrassed after having all the problems and them being so nice and helpful with them. Bo (Homeland Equipment) took a trip to my county and was surprised at how different conditions were in my part of the state compared to the central part of Kentucky. The soil and turf conditions were much different than the bluegrass area of the state. Also Mark the owner took alot of time to talk about the severe out break of crabgrass this year because of a short drought followed by almost constant rain all month which is uncommon for this area during late Summer. Anyway no one in the central part of the state seems to be having the same problems and most customers are 100% happy. This is the most severe conditions for late Summer I can remember. I personally think the conditions here play a large part of the problems I was having and the lift kit probably was not my answer. I have stayed quiet on my own because I respect my dealer and Hustler for their honesty and the way they have stood behind the product. I'm no expert at decks so I don't know why I was having problems in my one area. I actually sent PJ the message thinking it was a PM and was surprised that he posted it. That says alot for the company posting a less than flattering message on line. Says alot for PJ, Hustler, and my dealer Homeland Equipment. It is too late in the year and I dont have time to do anymore testing. I have nothing but praise for Hustler and how they stand behind the product. We have very extreme conditions in my part of the state and this is my best guess at my problems and I AM IN THE MINORITY IN MY STATE WITH THESE PROBLEMS. I represent a small percentage of people having problems in my state. I have no plans for replacing the mower with a different brand at this time. I just got spooked being so close to the end of the season with no time to continue testing and Hustler bought it back no questions asked. Nicest dealer I have ever dealt with and the Super Z was the best handling, riding mower I have ever been on. I have no idea why my area was giving me problems while there are no complaints in the bluegrass (central KY). Reguardless, Hustler and my dealer made it right. I have been quiet out of respect to Huster, PJ, and Homeland Equipment. I was brought up to be respectful and this is how I have been treated by them.
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    How many hours did you have on your machine when you returned it?
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    I had less than 50 hrs on it. I also have a 05 Lazer Z Ultracut and I would use them alternately on lawns to test them. The Hustler was by far the most comfortable, best handling, and heavier built.

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