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    Now is the time to upgrade your CLIP program. Did you know that Visual CLIP has now been out for over 2 years? It’s enhanced and more powerful than ever. The functionality in CLIP is still the same but we’ve made it easier for you to use. Visual CLIP is also designed to work with the newer hardware and technologies available in the marketplace. It’s especially important to upgrade CLIP if you’ve already upgraded your hardware.

    Now we’ve also made it easier for you to buy. If you act now, you’ll get the lowest price possible. The longer you wait to upgrade, the more it’s going to cost you.

    Here’s how you can take advantage of the deepest discounts ever at CLIP Software on our upgrades. If you buy during July we’re offering a 20% discount on the Visual CLIP program. Discounts go down until October when there is a 10% surcharge on upgrading your CLIP program. Please see the attached flyer for detailed pricing and a features list.

    Now really is the best time to upgrade your CLIP software. We have technicians available to answer any technical questions you have regarding the upgrade process.

    We at CLIP software are committed to your success. We believe the new Visual version will simplify your life and make CLIP easier to use.

    Call your salesperson today at (800) 635-8485 to take advantage of these terrific low prices!

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