Message from Hoss65, "greetings from the War Zone."

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by captken, Jul 23, 2003.

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    To all at Hoss65 sends greetings. He is not MIA, but says to tell all, he is "living in a war zone." Concerning his city.
    He got a generator to run basics at his house, however he cannot get on line because of his broadband, has no dial up.
    I'm sure he will post with his stories as soon as electricity is restored to his part of the city. [this is the second day of outages]
    He related to me his story of helping others in need yesterday. And what the day was like for him.

    I posted a similar thread of my own experiences yesterday, didn't generate much response though.

    There are a number of our members from Memphis, I suspect they, like Hoss65, have no electricity and therefore, no way to get on line.
    I haven't called Kels, but I know he is busy.

    And when our members get back on line, I bet they will have a story to tell!

    Cutting [trees] is the order of the day, labor rates at 300. per hour. Grass cutting is all but suspended for us, Can't mow over old growth uprooted trees the city is famous for.
    I can't see any mowing for the near future as there is a massive cleanup effort going on, with me, trying to clear my properties so that I can mow, and trying to help others. Homeowners by the 100's of thousands sit in darkened homes. There are stories of businesses being looted, still no curfew, no National Guard.
    I hope to post a few pictures soon.

    Local radio stations broadcast messages of help and relief, of where you can buy gasoline, get food, the restaurants that are open, necessities. Shelters and food for people etc.
    Bagged ice is all but non-existent. The suburbs are over taxed with refugees from the city seeking an open restaurant, gasoline, hotels are overbooked in the outlying areas.

    Gas stations are boarded up. Chainsaws sell out everywhere, as soon as they are put on the shelf.

    Generators are starting to show up in a few businesses, allowing you to get snacks during the work day.

    We have to pack our lunches, as virtually all the fast foods within the loop are not open, when you find one, the lines are unreal.

    I think they should impose curfews. I ventured into the city last night.
    Most of the city within the 240 loop, is in darkness, most traffic lights do not work, every intersection a 4-way stop. No street lights, I paused at an intersection and heard gunshots VERY near by. I got out of their PRONTO.

    I am reasonably sure the reason our Memphis area members have not been posting is because they have NO electricity.

    Grass cutting is all but suspended here for us as we have to remove 60-100 year old uprooted trees from our properties and to Help our customer in any way we can.

    People are still in shock, however not as bad as yesterday.
    The smell of BBQ smoke permeates the air here after dark as for a lot of us with all electric homes, it's the only way to prepare food.

    I am grateful not to have lost electricity for long....
  2. Navig8r

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    Best of luck to you and please pass along my best wishes to the others who would normally be joining us here.

    Your story really creates a good picture of a scene that I am otherwise not very familiar with.
    While the "civil unrest" part of it is not something I've experienced, I know what it's like to be without power in bad conditions for many days...... kinda suspends normal life.
    We had a storm here about 6 yrs ago..... 18+" of snow on April 1st -----> APRIL FOOLS....... Trees had buds on them, some had leaves...... caught and held a lot of snow... trees down everywhere, I had no power for 5 days.

    Hope it getts better real soon... and again, best wishes in these hard times.
  3. bobbygedd

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    be safe, we are praying for you
  4. GLAN

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    Thinking of you all around you.

    I'll have a chat with my friend upstairs. Make sure you all keep safe and well
  5. MikeLT1Z28

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    greetings from within the war zone. as stated we got slammed with a massive super cell monday morning at about 7:10 pm.

    for more reading you can go to , if you can't find it there, it's not worth mentioning probably.

    hoss and i were out on a few cleanups today and will probably have many more to follow just from our out customer bases.
    power has been restored to some areas (parents house here) but the last count from the power co. was 250,000 +/- were still without power.

    as for me and my family, we esaped the house without injury, and for that i thank God. as for my property (and the neighbors), it's in shambles. I have two, well I had two, massive oak trees that fell and took out a combined total of 10 other trees, two fences, 2 storages sheds and almost a truck. I have pics but haven't had the time to process the pics to post. eric (65hoss)came by today to look at the damage. we estimate the diameter to be somewhere from 6-8 feet wide and who knows how tall. i'll get more pics with something like the Lazer or me standing by them to show the true size of the beasts.

    I will be without power for a while, a tree ripped my lines from the transformer AND from my house, so I am low priority with the power company for now. (gotta get hospitals and the like up and running first)

    To all of those affected by the storm, my thoughts are with you, to those just reading this and trying to comprehend the magnitude of the damage, i envy you. this all happened in less than 5 mins time. NWS says they clocked winds over the mississippi river in excess of 100mph and claim damage is the result of straight line winds. several people reported wall and funnel clouds over the area and from the damage paths, i don't see how it wasn't from a funnel.

    Well, i'm headed back to guard the house and trailer. funny how i can sit on a mower all day and the sound doesn't bother me, but the constant hum of two generators can drive me insane.


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    Fellas...felllas...fellas... YEs its a WAR ZONE indeed full of limbs debris, leaves, powerlines.

    I've been doing tree cleanups from 8am to 9pm(dark) the last two days.

    Houses that were once are no more. East memphis is the worst mainly b/c it is older and has many huge trees. Business is unreal. I was told that one tree service made over 20 grand yesterday.

    Another story... Guy was in his kitchen and he heard crack! Crack!! looks out the window only to see a tree falling in his house. He runs out the back door looks up and sees another tree fall on two luxury BMWs.

    I hope to expect things will get back to normal in 2-3 weeks. Im one of the lucky ones that has power...and I'm very gratefull.
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    I feel for y'all. We go through that almost every year, sometimes more than once in a year. I finally got a generator, and it has already been useful with Tropical Storm Bill.

    As for $300.00/hour, I would never take advantage of people like that, no chance. Not saying that you are, just stating that someone else's tragedy doesn't give me the right to price gouge. Now, of course, I can see charging more than normal because I'm sure these properties are hard to get to, and other cirumstances that would make conditions harder, but $300.00/hour?? For chainsawing?? Not me, I have mirrors in my house.

    Thoughts and prayers to all affected, hope you get through this quickly and recover/rebuild soon.

  8. Moguy

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    Best wishes to you all, I know everyone will come out stronger than before
  9. GrassMaster84

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    As for 300 an hour goes...Im not going by that. I'm reasonably pricing by the job.

    Most of my invoices are being sent the insurace companies anyways.
  10. Keith

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    We had a similar deal here 10 years ago. Three seperate tornados came through an area about 5 miles across. I know my mom's apartment complex was without power for 10 days. Lots of homes and old oaks came down. What amazed me was people who were not directly affected we calling wanting to know why were not at there house mowing. People amaze me :rolleyes: We were busy getting downed trees and debris out so people could get their cars out of the driveway. I am sure they thought we were out raking in the cash instead of servicing their lawns, but I can assure you, if anything, we lost money not made any.

    Good luck to you all.

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