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Message from Southwest Wheel:

Southwest Wheel Company was established in 1919. We carry a vast supply of OEM steel wheels for almost every make and model of truck, car, motor home, trailer, semi, etc. We carry wheels from manufacturers such as Accuride Wheel Corp., Hayes Lemmerz, and Titan, we are an authorized distributor of Alcoa Aluminum Wheels, and carry a wide variety of farm/implement wheels.

Wheels are not the only product we carry. If you look at our family of Web sites you will find we carry one of the largest selections of trailer parts and towing products. With our product line you can install a brake control, wire it to a new plug, install your receiver hitch with a ball mount, build a trailer, and lock it.

We have years of experience and knowledge. Most items are in stock and ship the same day.

Thank you,

Southwest Wheel Company

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Dang it! And there I got all excited thinking I might actually find that spare set of ZTR wheels I want to mount a set of agressive tires on. I need 8" or 10" with 1 or 2 inches more outside spacing than these.

But I guess I'll never find them.

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