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Message from yourcostcenter.com (growing your business)

Discussion in 'Your Cost Center Software' started by YCC, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. YCC

    YCC Banned
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    Have you ever read the book the E-Myth. If not I highly recommend it. It's basic concept is that for the most part, people who start their own business are experts or mechanics in that industry. From a painter starting a painting business to a doctor starting a medical practice. Though we may be experts in our trades, the ability to make more money or profit falls on our business knowledge. That's where most of us fall short. We spend so much time doing the work, chasing the money, dealing with employees, etc. that we have limited time to grow as business owners.

    As technology improves there are opportunities out there that can help. There are computer programs to handle your accounting, scheduling, and estimating. For the most part we buy the program that has a reputation on the street or that is referred by someone we trust. Kind of the way we get business for our own companies.

    Our program, fills a void that no other program offers. We tell you based on your companies unique situation what you need to charge to be a profitable operation. Then we show you what the effects are if you change any variable. Example, your top employee wants a raise of $ 2.00 per hour. We assume in order to provide that raise, we must take $ 80.00 per week out of our pocket. When in actuality that $ 2.00 spread out across the company would only be an incremental increase to our hourly wage. But without a tool to illustrate this we base our decision on gut rather than facts.

    We are a new company providing a new type of program. We know the program works and is based on sound business and financial models. We now need to get that word out on the street.
    Let us help you grow your business knowledge with a small time investment.

    We can use your industries help. If you are reading this, it is because you are a early adopter. Which means you are ahead of the average user in trying new technologies. Try a 1 month trial and see if our program works for you.

    Brian Drucks

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