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  1. JRAZ

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    I was at a seminar for continuing ed credits and one of the speakers talked at great lenghts of the product Messenger in regards to plant health care. Has anyone used this as an upsell or in conjuction with their current plan?


    ~ J
  2. Williams Services

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    Interesting ... I thought Messenger was a fungicide. Where can we get a look at the label?
  3. marko

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  4. JRAZ

    JRAZ LawnSite Member
    from NW
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    So, I guess nobody is using it? That was my ???
  5. Pilgrims' Pride

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    I asked the same question the other day.
    All I got in return was info on using the stuff on strawberries.
    Thank you to who ever that was.
    My question is is it labeled for turf/ornamentals?
    Anyone know?

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